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DSPXtra Encore AM, FM & HD Audio Processor


Jump start your station's audio with the most flexible broadcast processor on the planet.

With its flexible hardware and firmware, you can select between optimized processing for FM, AM, and digital radio, including internet radio streams, DAB and HD radio.

In Detail

The multi-band AGC corrects and equalizes a wide range of input audio levels,

while the peak limiters ensure your broadcast has tightly controlled peak

levels. A stereo encoder, and RDS encoder, Shoutcast client and server for

streaming in and out of the box, Plan-B audio backup switching and a

sophisticated actions and triggers monitoring system complete the package.

A tri-mode broadcast processor for FM, AM and digital radio. Maximum

flexibility and at a great price.

Dozens of expertly created factory presets enable radio stations to sound great right out of the box. Experts can tweak hundreds of parameters as much as they desire.

Wide-ranging RMS levelling pulls up low level and tames hot signals effortlessly, ensuring a consistent sonic signature, no matter what audio you feed it.

Stereo (MPX) generation & peak limiting offer low distortion audio and compliant bandwidth through advanced anti-aliased protection technology.

Plan B Silence Detection and Source Switching automatically reverts to auxiliary audio sources or onboard flash memory, keeping your broadcast on air.

HTML5, FTP, Telnet, SNMP & RS232 Remote Control with IP streaming allows you to monitor and control your processor from anywhere in the world. Even listen in over an IP connection.

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