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About Us


Roger Howe was only eight years old when he began tuning in on a transistor radio he had built himself. By fifteen, he was building complex AM and FM transmitters, which he continued to build and develop throughout his time in school and into the beginning of his career, where he developed state of the art technology for both commercial and military applications.

Roger’s entire career focus was on FM technology and innovation, and those who knew Roger, and certainly those who know BW products would agree, that Rogers FM innovations demonstrate an instinctive awareness of what was required to create a needed product, or improve existing technology.

Roger always knew that for as long as he worked for someone else he would never be able to innovate the way he wanted to or improve FM technology the way it needed to be and so, in 1997, Roger co-founded BW Broadcast to bring his ideas directly to the FM community.

BW set about providing what was missing from the FM market; smart, rugged, reasonably priced FM equipment, developed by a company that understood and cared about those who used their products. This was the founding principle of BW, and since then, the name BW has become synonymous with unparalleled quality and value in FM transmission equipment.

The FM community, who Roger loved so much, was shocked when he passed away so suddenly. Some speculated what the future of BW may be. But Roger, being Roger, had taken steps to ensure his legacy would continue unabated in the event of his passing. Roger had personally recruited a group of extremely talented FM engineers who shared his drive and ability for affordable innovation, and who now head up the BW Research and Development department having picked up where Roger left us, and continuing and expanding on his work utilising BW’s unique method of production efficiency to ensure that commitment to our customers and delivering reliability and value is always at the core of everything BW does and this, together with our focus on creativity and innovation, enables BW to continue to create the very best, most functional, and most enduring technology possible.


In the years since it was founded, the BW Broadcast brand has become internationally recognised as a supplier of high quality, affordable FM broadcasting equipment. Put simply, if you know FM at all, you’ll have heard of BW.

We export FM radio transmission equipment to almost every single country in the world and this is made possible because we value relationships just as much as we value the quality of our equipment.

We provide innovative low-power FM transmission equipment, RDS encoders and processors for FM, AM, HD Radio, and Internet Broadcast, in addition to a range of ancillary broadcasting equipment. We provide bespoke equipment when required and we offer complete installation and servicing packages.

We’ve supplied many of the world's most popular radio stations, soccer and rugby world cups, the 2012 Olympics, drive-in movie theatres, sports stadiums, and automobile manufacturers and we are frequently commissioned to build special transmission solutions for non-profits, charities, government, and military organisations. In all likelihood, you’ve probably experienced BW Broadcast equipment without even realising it.

And that's why BW does this, to create financially sensible products that work perfectly and reliably regardless of application, and for as long as there is radio, that’s what we’ll continue to do.

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