Vertus AM/FM Translator

The Vertus Encore AM/FM translator combines the ground breaking features from our transmitter range with the world’s BEST re-broadcast receiver. No one else can offer a solution for translator sites that can rival Vertus’s sound quality, reliability and ease of use all in one economical box!

Features and benefits overview

  • Use it to translate AM to FM as well as FM to FM.
  • Save money, this ‘one box solution’ includes integrated processing, RDS and telemetry.
  • Reduce stress by simplifying your broadcast chain and ending compatibility problems.
  • DSP processing AM to FM rebroadcast for unprecedented AM sound enhancement.
  • Designed for the translator market with all the features you’ll ever need.
  • Quick change parts make onsite maintenance a breeze!
  • Diagnostic logging, emails and alerts and audio back up facilities give you total peace of mind.

Pulls in distant stations and re-broadcasts them with amazing clarity!

The adaptive IF DSP filtering, first debuted in the BW Broadcast award winning RBRX1, is able to pull in distant stations and have rebroadcasts sounding clearer and cleaner than any other solution current available. Digitally demodulating, enhancing in DSP and re-modulating with direct to channel digital modulation has significant noise reduction benefits. Like the RBRX1, the Vertus employs patented stereo enhancing noise reduction for outstanding stereo separation, even under very difficult conditions. The highly selective receiver has no problem with pulling in weak and distant stations, even when on a transmitter site with high levels of RF. The dual antenna inputs provide additional benefits by reducing multipath to even lower levels than can be achieved with a single antenna receiver.

In addition to the dual FM reception capability, the Vertus can also receive and translate AM Radio Stations.  The DSP enhanced processing inside the Vertus includes audio frequency enhancement for AM to FM rebroadcasts, increasing the bandwidth and quality of the AM broadcasts that are being translated to FM. For the first time ever, AM can sound better than AM in a similar way to spectral band replication can enhance low bit rate audio streams.

Translates from AM to FM as well as FM to FM

Built upon the Encore FM transmitter platform, the Vertus can also function as a standalone direct to channel DDS FM transmitter, or switch to standalone mode should a rebroadcast signal fail. The audio backup facilities of the Vertus include fall-back to FM, or AM frequencies or vice versa, in addition to the Encore platform powered mp3 and Shoutcast stream back up options.

A GPS sync option is provided for Single Frequency Network applications, and RDS can be translated or locally adjusted to suit the requirements of the gap filler / translator. Full anti-hijack facilities are included as standard.

‘One box solution’ saves you money and stress

Through the integration of several pieces of broadcast equipment into one box, you save considerable sums of money. Integrated processing, RDS, telemetry significantly reduces the complexity of your broadcast air chain, and increases performance at the same time.

Vertus gives you 100% peace of mind

Peace of mind is critical to radio station owners and their engineers. That’s why all BW transmission products have slide in and quick change parts. There’s diagnostic logging, alarms and email alerts to keep you informed. The DDS exciter, audio processing and audio backup facilities keep your signal clean and compliant, and more importantly on the air should you lose your main audio programme feed. You can even plug in a spare power supply into a redundancy power supply slot in the translator.

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