V2 Transmitter Firmware Update

BW Broadcast have just released new firmware for their incredibly popular V2 Transmitter Range, further enhancing SNMP capability.

SNMP Support allows for more detailed monitoring in real-time over IP.

So, should you be informed of any abnormality in your transmission, whatever time of day or night (and lets face it – it’s usually night!) you can go back to that exact point and have a clear understanding of what is going on with your broadcast.

This will give you the opportunity to diagnose and fix potential problems before they get a chance to cause you major stress, helping you to stay on top of your broadcast.

When you add that to the already impressive list of maintenance saving features that the V2 range has, you can see why it’s so popular.

‘Dual slide-in power supplies’ will keep you on air even in the event of power surges or lightening strikes, switching from one power supply to the other to keep you on air. Power supplies simply slide

in and out from the back, taking seconds to replace, and requiring no tools or training.

‘Gold clamp’ transistors can be changed in minutes using just a screwdriver, massively reducing the time and hassle involved in getting back on air.


An intuitive Remote Control App so you to make changes to your settings from wherever you are.

BW Broadcast are constantly updating products to improve reliability, performance, and to take the stress out of managing your radio station equipment –what’s even better, they’re always FREE!

Additionally you will find the new firmware update includes

  • Stealth Screen Saver
  • RF Mute mode to Triggers

This V1.5.2  firmware update is available now by clicking on the link below: Further details of what’s included in this update are contained in the download zip.

TX V2 Upgrade

We have even more cool features coming in the next release. Make sure your product is registered here to receive the update as soon as it has been released.

You can also contact us or your local dealer for a more comprehensive overview or demonstration of the new range.

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