V2 TX V1.5 Update

BW Broadcast has just released another update for their latest V2 transmitter range.

It’s now even easier to interface your transmitter to third party remote control and telemetry systems through our overhauled alarms and trigger interface. For the first time you can now assign analogue output voltages to back panel pins, set to a whole host of user adjustable transmitter parameters and readings, including forward power and modulation levels.

The V2 series of transmitters continue to set standards for ease of use. The user interface has been enhanced, with even more context sensitive displays than before. For example, if you’re adjusting RF power, the reverse power gets displayed at the same time without you having to think – perfect for monitoring the VSWR of your antenna system.

You can now lower your electric costs with our built in RF power scheduler. This innovative feature enables the RF power to lower during the night or at hours of your choosing to reduce electric costs. We don’t recommend using this feature to boost your transmitter past it’s licensed power level at certain times – that would be plain naughty.

We know how important connectivity and monitoring of your transmitter is to you. After numerous requests, our engineers have worked long and hard to bring an Apple IPhone optimised version of our HTML5 web remote control interface. Setup, control and monitoring via your phone is even easier with the slick new interface for mobile devices.

In addition, we’ve added a whole host of behind the scenes improvements to increase performance and stability. This latest release really is a must have install for any V2 owner or operator. Installing it is effortless and can be done in minutes, even remotely via web browser over the internet.

This V1.5 firmware update is available now by clicking on the link below:

Get the Update here!


We have even more cool features coming in the next release. Make sure your product is registered here to receive the update as soon as it has been released.

You can also contact us or your local dealer for a more comprehensive overview or demonstration of the new range.

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