Quick Change Transistors

Visitors of NAB ’13 were impressed with BW Broadcast’s commitment to make the most reliable and easily maintained FM transmitter possible.  As was Radio’s panel of engineers who awarded the new V2 transmitter range a Pick Hit award. One example of this design principle is BW Broadcast’s unique Gold Clamp Transistor Technology found on the TX600 V2, TX1000 V2 and TX1500 V2.

How Does it Work?

Gold Clamp allows MOSFETS to be changed in minutes with only a screwdriver and without needing a soldering iron. Should a transistor fail, several screws are removed, a new transistor dropped in place and then the clamping PCB replaced over the top. It’s as simple as that! This greatly reduces the time and tools required should a device fail, and prevents damage to surrounding components as a result of the high temperatures required with traditional soldered transistors. The clamping mechanism also ensures optimum thermal conductivity to reduce transistor temperature and extend service life.

There’s more…

Visitors of NAB ’13 were also impressed with V2 Transmitter’s slide in power supplies which make replacement a breeze. A truly innovative heatsink design ensures ultra-long life thanks to ingenious airflow. Carefully chosen fans rated with over 10-years life at 120°F are another sign of BW Broadcast’s commitment to service life. All of these design considerations combine to make one of the most reliable, and easily maintained transmitter to date.

BW Broadcast’s Chief Service Engineer William fears the ultra-reliable V2 will put him out of a job “I don’t have any work to do, these transmitters just don’t fail. Even if there is an issue due to lightening it’s usually fixed in the field with a slide-in power supply or quick-change module. I won’t have a job next year.”

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