TX300 LPFM Transmitter

BW Broadcast has been manufacturing FM transmitters for over 15 years and the range has been LPFM certified for 12 of those. To learn more about the range click here.

Tim Kochis is the CE for WDRW-LP, a non commercial Christian Radio station coming out of Athens, GA, aimed at the Athens community aged between 18-34. Transmitting on 107.9, the station is powered by a BW Broadcast TX300.

‘First off, installation was a breeze. I set up the in-built processing options, selected my frequency and TPO, racked it up and that was it, it was up and running!’

‘I was looking for a reliable and easy to operate exciter-transmitter that would run not just in an ideal environment, but in a harsh one too. Not every station has the ideal home for the transmitters so I needed something built to last. The TX300 has proven itself to meet all of my needs. We have used a number of other broadcast transmitters in the past but the TX300+ has exceeded our expectations!’

With built in audio processing taken from the DSPX range as standard, the TX300 has that great sound of the box quality that is either a high cost option or not an option at all in other transmitters, perfect too if your stand alone audio processor decides to take a day off!

Tim Kochis

The TX300 is part of a line of transmitters starting at 5w and getting up to 1KW from BW Broadcast. All transmitters have AES/EBU inputs, built in audio processing, VSWR Fault protection, a unique dual-loop virtual VFO exciter and two year warranties.

Speak to anyone with a BW Broadcast product and they will tell you the same thing as Tim. ‘I have many BW Broadcast products and all have performed flawlessly over the years. I can’t recommend them enough. Quality, reliability and excellent customer service make their products real contenders in the low power RF field.’

‘All of the BW Broadcast products we have purchased have proven to be excellent. The multiple units I have in the field have all been subjected to different environments and all have performed better than any other product in its class. The amortization cost to MTBF is excellent! At 2RU and modular in design, BW Broadcast keeps it simple for the client. It works and works well.’

Designed for pristine audio quality and unsurpassed reliability, thousands of BW Broadcast’s FM transmitters are operating trouble-free in some of the world’s most remote installations. With comprehensive features and creative design, the TX range offers exceptional value without compromising on performance. Perfect for LPFM, the TX600 and TX1000 also offer rock solid options at higher power.

Tim relies on a TX300, built, designed and tested in London and coming with a two year comprehensive warranty and 24 hour technical support. The processing utilises presets developed over the past decade with customers around the world to provide excellent out the box sound, giving you one less thing to worry about.

BW Broadcast also designed and manufacture the award winning and world famous RBRX1, which has changed how stations receive and re-broadcast around the globe. Also in the portfolio are superb sounding and excellently priced audio processors for FM, AM and HD, including the DSPXtra with built in Arianne leveler.

Please visit www.bwbroadcast.com, call 1-866-376-1612 or email info@bwbroadcast.com for more information. Alternatively visit us at NRB in Nashville, March 2-5 or NAB 2013, C1150.

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