Don't Judge a Book...

DSPXmini to be renamed DSPXmighty!
OK, not really, but glowing reports from the field suggest we should do! Packing more of a punch than the tag ‘mini’ suggests, its name could only be used to describe the price. With a feature list as long as Usain Bolts stride, durability that puts double Olympic Champion Mo Farah to shame and more tricks than an Olympic gymnast, the DSPXmini range is the gold standard for audio processing.

If you are looking to sound exceptional but are concious about your budget, look no further than the world’s most popular audio processor, with thousands already on the air. The DSPXmini (FM, AM, HD, ST) will meet and surpass your expectations.

Don’t believe us? That’s OK, the proof, of course, is always in the pudding…

We are using these processors (DSPXmini) in several medium sized markets and they are keeping up with much more expensive units for a fraction of the cost. – Pilgrim Radio, USA

We trialled a DSPXmini AM and are now replacing ONE of your competitors products with it. We love how good WURD sounds now!- WURD, USA.

Our DSPXmini AM is on use on our translator and sounds better than our 8200 on a sister station! – Jackson.

In a head to head with a DSPXmini FM SE, the FM4 wasn’t even close. – Oregon Public Radio, USA.

Processors ready to ship

I think you will agree, that that is some serious pudding…

The best bit of course, is that they are in stock, ready and waiting to be shipped off and make the difference to your station that you, your listeners and the ‘big wigs’ are waiting for.

Call your local distributor today and add some MIGHTY to your station.



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