Slovakia Sees ITU BS-412

New Regulations of the Slovakian Telecommunications Authority come into force from 1.09.2012. Any broadcaster which operates its own transmitters, or those who rent a broadcast facility must meet the new conditions.

  • The maximum modulation must not exceed 75kHz
  • The performance of the overall multiplexed signal (MPX Power) = 0 dBr
  • These two measurements must be maintained across the network from studio to transmitter.
  • Set the output frequency and total stroke multiplexed signal (ITU BS-412 limit) We called the MPX is Power

BW Broadcast offers you simple and immediate solution – using either the DSPX-FM, DSPXtra-FM or DSPXtreme-FM/HD you can easily set these parameters in one piece of equipment! Not only this you will also have an excellent quality broadcast thanks to the advanced DSP multi-band FM audio processor.

Radio Format consulting is offering a special package when purchasing a BW Broadcast processor for this requirement:

  • Free installation (within 200km).
  • Measurement of all parameters before instalation
  • Measurement of all parameters after free installation
  • Nonstop 24-hour service during the warranty period free of charge
  • 2 years warranty

For enquires regarding how ITU BS-412 affects your station in Slovakia please contact Lubos Tarkos:

Radio Format Consulting
Lubos Tarkos
Phone: +421 905 405 164

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