Certificate of Excellence

Dealer Training from BW Broadcast is the latest addition to our commitment to providing a level of service that is re-setting the bar to an all new high. What more would you expect from a company that offers a two year warranty and 24/7 support?

At BW Broadcast, we understand the importance of reliability, efficiency and quality of service. We understand this because this is what we expect from each other and this creates a fundamental undertone within the organisation. An undertone which goes into everything we do.

With tens of thousands of products around the world, working in some of the most challenging locations, BW Broadcast equipment has a reputation for being robust, reliable and industry leading. This wide distribution is thanks in no small part to the international network of partners who provide local support and information to a wealth of different communities, cultures and applications.

To maximise the quality of service you receive, BW Broadcast actively encourages its dealers to undertake factory training, allowing us to share our knowledge and provide unparalleled support.

Add this to our 24 hour support line and you can see our commitment to giving you the best service in addition to innovative, reliable products, and all of course for the great value you expect from BW Broadcast.

Doug Tharp, pictured above, recently completed his training in London and received his Certificate of Excellence from Dave. The training involves a brief introduction to the build procedure, the identification of key components and set up instructions, a detailed look at our automated testing procedure with emphasis on the extreme lengths that we go to to ensure the products meet and surpass all international requirements and a run through of the set up and operation of all the products in our portfolio. Once the training is complete, engineers, designers and test staff are all on hand to answer any questions.

Interested in our training options? Why not get in touch and see if you too can benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience that is available from BW Broadcast HQ.

Why not contact your local BW Broadcast dealer today and start using equipment that comes with a level of quality that you will love and a level of service you could really get used to!

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