Slide-in Power Supplies

Radio ‘Pick Hit’ winning Slide-in Power Supplies

Not only do our Award Winning V2 Transmitters provide Stations with better sound and improved reliability, but most models now come with our ‘New’ Slide-in Power Supplies.

BW Broadcast’s renowned Transmitters have been getting Radio Stations on the air for over 15 years. During this time, we’ve listened to what you want from your Transmitter and have now designed our V2 Range to give you more control than ever. As well as making your station sound better, we’ve also given you features such as Gold-Clamp Transistors and Slide-in Power Supplies to increase reliability and making tricky maintenance issues a thing of the past!

You have the Power!

If a lightning strike or power surge takes out your transmitter’s power supply, you no longer need to remove it from the rack and spend hours disassembling it, you can simply slide in a replacement power supply in seconds. Waiting for an engineer to attend or sending it away for repair can be both a timely and costly process. With our Slide-in Power Supplies, this issue will be a thing of the past, making your Station more streamlined and always ready to broadcast.

How to choose?

The TX150V2 and above come with Slide-in Power Supply Units fitted as standard and are built to accept a second slide in supply as an additional option. Since the units can each deliver the full power output required from a single PSU, the second removable PSU provides 100% Redundancy.

The TX600 V2 FM Transmitters are delivered with dual Slide-in PSU’s fitted as standard. If one fails it can be removed “hot” and replaced without re-powering the unit.  While operating on a single PSU, you will get approx 400w output from the unit. The TX1000 V2 and TX1500 V2 Transmitters are fitted with a single high rating PSU.

To find out more on our Award Winning Transmitter Range and to view a video demonstration of the new features, including the Slide-in Power Supply please click on the link below. Alternatively, contact your local dealer here.

See The New V2 Range Here


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