NEW | MPX Codec

Reference grade composite stereo encoding & decoding, with metering and analysis.

There are stereo encoders… there are peak limiters… there are RDS encoders… there are decoders… there are metering devices… there are test sets – but never before in one package… until NOW!



The DSPmpX encore follows on from the original reference grade stereo encoder, the DSPmpX, by adding decoding capabilities, RDS generation and a completely hot as hell front panel that displays an analysis of what is going on. If you are doing anything with an MPX signal – this box is what you need.

Why you’ll never regret choosing the DSPmpX encore.

MPX & RDS Encoding, Decoding, metering & analysis make this product the swiss army knife of composite stereo FM products.

One button configuration switching between encoding and decoding analysis makes this box incredibly flexible and powerful.

‘Always on’ front panel high resolution LED meters offer full confidence metering of the composite signal and it’s components.

Stereo ( MPX ) generation & peak limiting with advanced anti-aliased protection distortion control or peaks and bandwidth.

RDS encoder (UECP compliant) broadcasts your station ID, song and title and much more. Built in as standard!

Plan B Silence Detection and Source Switching automatically reverts to auxiliary audio sources or on-board flash memory, keeping your broadcast on air.

HTML5, FTP, Telnet, SNMP & RS232 Remote Control with IP streaming allows you to monitor and control your processor from anywhere in the world. Even listen in over an IP connection.

A flexible and versatile action and alerts system brings together back panel GPIO at digital and analogue levels of your choosing, integrating it with an easy to set up ‘do this when’ and ‘do this now’ set of actions.


Stylish and easy to use – you’ll be an expert in minutes!

The Encore Range of products are incredibly stylish, they have dual OLED screens and a rotary lighting ring, making them intuitive and fun to use. The menu structures are clean and simple, making navigation easy. All the info you need is at your fingertips, you want need to go hunting around to find that illusive feature you want to use.


10 year ‘peace of mind’ warranty

As you have come to expect from BW Broadcast, these products are designed for unsurpassed reliability and trouble-free operation in the world’s most challenging installations. Backed up by our outstanding 24/7 Technical Support, with a 10 year warranty and free software upgrades for life you can have the peace of mind that you are buying a peace of quality broadcasting equipment that will stand the test of time.

Other products in the Encore Range include:

  • DSPXmini Encore,  FM / AM / HD Audio Processor
  • DSPXtra Encore,  FM / AM / HD Audio Processor
  • Plan B Encore, Silence Monitor & Back-up Audio Player
  • RDS Encore, RDS Encoder
  • IPCA Encore, Audio over IP Codec
  • Ariane Encore, Audio Leveler
  • RBRX Encore, FM Re-broadcast Receiver
  • ModMon Encore, Modulation Monitor

You can see all these products demonstrated LIVE at the following events:

NAB 2016 | Las Vegas 16 – 21 April

BCA 2016 | Singapore 21 May – 3 June

IBC 2016 | Amsterdam 8-13 Sept

Need more info on any of our products? Please contact us here


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