Perfect rebroadcasting

We discuss why buying a rebroadcast receiver with dual tuners will be the best decision you’ll make.

Firstly, let’s clear up the difference between ‘dual tuners’ and ‘dual inputs’.

Dual Inputs

Some re-broadcast receivers on the market have dual inputs, this allows you to have two antennas into one re-broadcast receiver. What that means in real terms is that should you have a problem with one antenna you can keep receiving on the other – it’s a useful feature, but that’s all it does, it doesn’t offer any diversity features or other benefits.

Dual Receivers

Having dual receivers, on the other hand, will offer you this plus a whole host of other benefits. It guarantees you will always be re-broadcasting the best possible signal and gives you single or dual-frequency diversity.

The RBRX Encore is the ONLY rebroadcast receiver on the market that has dual tuners!

5 ways dual tuners guarantee you THE perfect rebroadcast!

1. Automatically chooses the best signals – No monitoring or adjustments required! You can provide the receiver with a choice of two RF signals and allow the receiver to dynamically and intelligently chose the best signal to use. This gives you the peace of mind that you will always be rebroadcasting the best possible signal without the hassle of having to continually monitor your broadcast and make adjustments.

2. Position each antenna to ensure you get the best signal, even if things change
You can position each antenna completely differently. Different heights, direction and polarization (vertical or horizontal) to receive the best signal under different conditions. This is particularly useful if you are trying to receive a distant signal which is affected by the atmospheric condition. Or at a site where typography or buildings clutter can have an effect on the signal. These can be the trickiest installations as antenna position is not always obvious and can change greatly from day to day. A receiver with dual tuners means you’ll spend less time on site trying to set up the best position, only to find later that the situation has changed and you have to go back to the site to re-adjust, and then again, and again and again – a very tedious task!

3. Let the RBRX Encore worry about what’s the best signal to rebroadcast.
Dual tuners allow you to pick up two different frequencies and rebroadcast them on a third frequency. This is great for repeater situations where you have the choice of two comparatively similar signals strengths to choose from – you don’t have to worry about choosing the wrong, the receiver will do it for you. It also means should one of the signals fail, your rebroadcast with continue seamlessly.

4. Redundancy – If any part of your rebroadcast system fails you won’t go off air.
The benefit of having 2 tuners, 2 antennas and in some cases 2 signals means that if any part of the processes fails you will keep re-broadcasting. Switching from one tuner to another is seamless, no one knows you have a problem, you won’t go off air. Say goodbye to 3am emergency call outs instead you can fix the problem in a timeframe that suits you – you’ll love this feature especially if you have a remote or difficult to access site.

5. Stops third party interference causing you headaches!
Probably the most irritating issue surrounding rebroadcasting engineers talk to us about is the interference caused by a third party. They’ve spent time at the site getting set up perfectly only for a few months later another station switches on a high power unit and the same site and now they’re struggling to get a good clean signal. If your receiver has dual tuners you’ll see a reduction in these types of issues and you’ll spend less time trying to diagnose and solve irregularities in your rebroadcast signal.

So as you can see, dual tuners are an essential feature you should be looking for if you are a serious rebroadcaster.

It will:

• Ensure you’re re-broadcasting the best possible signal
• Reduce time and stress spent at transmission site
• Reduce time spent monitoring your broadcast
• End issues relating to intermittent signal strength and fade out
• Stop off air disasters

It doesn’t yet make you a cup of tea – but we’re working on it ;) Click here to find out more about the RBRX Encore or find your local dealer now

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