$300k invested in ATE

We have spent well in excess of $300,000 developing our revolutionary ATE (Automated Test System) so far, and the investment in quality control looks set to continue. It can test a whole multitude of RF and
 audio products and log the results to a central database that supports production batch analysis and easy recall of a certain units test results, enabling a higher level of production control and support for our customers.

Our products are tested to the max, so our customer’s patience isn’t! 

Managing Director Scott Incz had this to say: “It’s been two years in the making, and it has been a long and winding road to get to this point, but i’m so pleased to have  identical twin ‘virtual’ employees who are more accurate than their human colleagues. They work long hours, never take lunch and they remember every test they’ve ever carried out! It would take a highly trained test engineer several hours to do what these systems can do in 15 minutes, and that’s probably to do half the tests without logging all the test results. It really is a pleasure to watch them at work and see all of the equipment being full automated as part of the computer controlled test routines. I’m looking forward to adding a third system later this year to boost our capabilities further.”

Production manager Ricardo Da Silva added: “Prior to installing our new ATE systems, we spent hours checking every piece of equipment and inevitably mistakes would occur. These identical ATE systems have made a huge difference to our productivity and the quality of the product that we ship.

ATE hard at work.

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