10 YR Warranty for Encore

All the movers and shakers in the broadcast industry descend on Amsterdam once again for IBC (International Broadcast Convention). Hardened veterans throw further acronyms like; DAM, AMS, CAU and NO.4 around like no one’s business, in the build up to this international (European) trade show.

500 Euro a night ‘last minute’ hotel rooms are common place when IBC comes to town, so don’t leave it too late or you’ll find a bed for the night, harder to come by than an outside table in one of Rembrantplein’s many popular ‘people watching’ cafés! Worst case, you can rent a bed for 30 minutes at a time in the De Wallen area – just east of the main DAM Square.

BW Broadcast has been exhibiting at IBC for a decade now and we are always excited to meet many of our European customers face to face. This year is monumental because we get to show off the future of BW Broadcast with the European debut of our ‘Encore platform’ and products. On show will be multiple new Encore products, including transmitters, translators, processors and receivers. Several of these products won ‘Best of Show Awards’ at NAB in Las Vegas.

A first for IBC, is the news of MPX over AES on all Encore products. MPX over AES eliminates degradation of the composite FM signal by keeping it digital all the way through the chain. The MPX over AES feature will be available on all FM transmitters, Receivers, RDS encoders, Stereo Generators, audio over IP and audio processors.

Another 1st in our industry… All Encore products will come with a ‘no strings’ 10 year warranty. Yes, you read that right – 10 years.

Unlike other manufacturers, this 10 year warranty is not linked to an expensive yearly service plan, you won’t need to have the product connected to the internet or have the product installed by a engineer who has visited our factory and left with a clip art certificate to hang on their wall. It really is what it is – a 10 year warranty.

Of course, ‘acts of god’ and ‘beer spills’ are not covered, but this is as close to a ‘peace of mind’ free lunch as you are ever going to get!

CEO Scott Incz had this to say on it: “Although the accountants are not happy, and eyebrows are raised in the office – this huge step of offering a 10 year no strings warranty underpins our strategy of putting the customer first. With our renowned customer service, customers already know that buying BW Broadcast is a safe bet, but with other manufacturers starting to offer three and five year warranties, the time is right with the release of Encore to raise the bar and put our money where our mouth is.”

Of course, we will be demonstrating our ‘Award Winning’ V2 transmitters and DSPX audio processors. On display will also be a new product, a re-broadcast version of our popular TX300 V2. With an internal re-broadcast tuner, the TX300 V2 is a single box translator and re-broadcast solution that is a fraction of the cost of the traditional 2-box system.

So make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to drop by and see what’s new at BW Broadcast, Hall 8, stand E74 (the usual spot!)

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