Radio Christmas

Find out how the Radio Christmas helps children in Latin America every Christmas using BW Broadcast transmitters.

Radio Christmas is a small charity radio in the UK, which is run by volunteers to support projects in Latin America. Both the charity behind the radio, Street Kids Direct, and the radio was founded by Duncan Dyason, a youth worker who has a passion for reaching children and young people on the margins of the society.

The radio has been run every Christmas since 2008, and the charity guarantees that 100% of all its donations go directly to the projects they are supporting in Latin America. The Radio Christmas is using our FM transmitters, and Duncan has said they couldn’t be happier with our products and service:

Duncan Dyason Christmas Radio BW Broadcast

“We took your advice when we had an issue with it, all because we had not connected it properly. Your tech team were available in minutes to resolve the problem.

We really appreciate your support through a crucial time, we would recommend BW Broadcast to anyone for not just great products but also for superb support, which is invaluable.”
Duncan Dyason

BW Broadcast Radio Christmas

Click here to find out more about the Christmas Radio, or make a donation here




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Web Interface Proves Vital

“I felt like Linus with his need for a security blanket (Charley Brown) when wondering how we were going to technically track the condition of our broadcast outreach some 60 miles distant from our offices”.

I am Harlan Reinders, engineer and manager at WHEM radio in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Our main signal covers Eau Claire and surrounding cities in the beautiful Chippewa Valley. We are a Christian station that believes the ‘Good News” should have a good sound! This has been achieved with our new transmitter in Ladysmith, Wisconsin.

The TX600 V2 FM Transmitter is part of a broadcast system installed some 60 miles distant from the point of program origination; consequently we needed to be able to monitor the condition of the transmitter.

The TX600 V2 allows us to observe, via the built in internet web interface, a number of key parameters. At our finger tips we can know the frequency, forward power, reverse power as well as the condition of the program audio. These are just a few of the parameters that can be monitored via computer or even a smart phone.

The audio processing is great! It allows simple configuration and gives us a sound as good as, or better than any other signals in the market. It is, in my opinion, second to none! Interestingly, even though price was the primary reason for purchasing a BW Broadcast TX600 transmitter from SCMS, in North Carolina, we soon realized that it was the transmitter’s internet web interface that was found to be most important.

The TX600’s web interface gave us the peace of mind of knowing that 24/7, not only whether the transmitter is functioning okay, but also as to the audio levels of the programming. In addition the web interface provides the capability to send out e-mail alarms when needed.

The transmitter is rock solid and has been humming along with no problems since we installed it. We could have purchased a more expensive transmitter, but not a better one. I’m not sure if it is a surprise, but the reliability of the TX600 is very much appreciated. We have used a TX600 for more than 6-months, without a moment of being off the air. We have just finished one of the more harsh winters we have experienced in a number of years. The TX600 had no problems in a room where the temperatures were sub-zero, at times; causing failures in other equipment that was a part of the transmission system.

It is imperative that we have this kind of reliability because the community, where the TX600 is located, is far from our main broadcast facility.

I have no reservations in recommending this transmitter!

Try out the Web Remote Interface for yourself to see what it can do for your station.

Try it Now!




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RBRX1 - Problem Solved

“Getting clean, clear audio from a marginal signal can be tricky. Robert Reymont, president of Double R Consulting in Mesa, AZ reports on how a tuner introduced last year solved a difficult reception problem”.


Robert Reymont, Double R Consulting

For years I had problems getting a clean usable signal to feed a translator on. To give you an idea of the challenge that I was facing, 700 kHz below the desired carrier was a 100 kW station operating in full HD mode with 14% injection. And operating 400 kHz above the desired carrier was another 100 kW station, planning full HD operation in the near future. Both of these stations transmitters were within a half mile of my receive antenna. South Mountain in Phoenix, AZ, the home for a full slate of full power FM and TV stations. With all that RF, trying to pick up a Class C-1 station more than 60 miles away in order to provide a signal for a 10 Watt translator was extremely difficult. Even though the tuner we were using was equipped with a band-pass filter and notch filters for the adjacent stations, their signals still desensed the tuner, making reception of the desired signal difficult.

In fact, due to reduced power of the main inbound signal, at times the reception fell below the noise floor causing the receiver to mute.


The RBRX1 uses several techniques to improve reception. It employs an image cancelling, high dynamic range front-end mixing system for an on-channel IF conversion. Working together with a digital signal processed steep IF band filtering, the RBRX1 achieves the excellent adjacent channel filtering that makes this tuner an ideal reception tuner for distant FM signals.

The BW Broadcast tuner proved its mettle immediately upon installation – the required distant station was pulled in cleanly, and passed on solidly to the translator via the composite output.

I set the pre-emphasis to 75 µs on the audio menu (the RBRX1 can provide the complete composite signal, so I turned off the pre-emphasis in the transmitter to avoid a double pre-emphasis), then selected the multiplex generator output (MPX) and navigated to the MPX setting for “Radio” adjusting the level to match the transmitter and maintain 100% modulation.

This tuner also features more than 50 possible adjustments for High Cut, Soft Mute, RDS, Outputs, and a Scheduler for day-part processing.


Navigating the menu was easy, using the touch sensitive “wheel” with the ‘enter and exit’ keys. Text input is available for setting call letters. Saving the setting is also easy.

The backplane of the RBRX1 has provisions analog, digital, and two multiplex outputs. There are analog, digital, and USB inputs for audio playback in the case the main feed should fail. RJ45 Ethernet and RS-232/GPIO connections are provided for remote control and configuration via a web browser interface that will work even on smart phones.

In the case where the tuner is to be used for critical monitoring in the studio, there is a sister model, the RX1, without the multiplex outputs.

FM Receivers

In conclusion, this receiver filled the bill for a top of the line monitor relay receiver for a translator in a congested signal area.

Why not try out the RBRX1 receiver for yourself by contacting your local dealer for a demonstration today.



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WURD Checks Out DSPXmini

“Audio processing is a very personal art – often what sounds good to one person will make another cringe. But at its base, broadcast processing is about producing a tight but clean audio package”.

DSPXmini-AM is just the ticket for WURD

A Station in Need

Dana Puopolo - Chief Engineer

Dana Puopolo, Chief Engineer at WURD not only found a processor that does the job, but one that is easy on the budget too. WURD Radio in Philadelphia is locally owned and operated and features a variety format based on talk but also running block and music programs. Dana found that the station radio, though very loud, sounded thin and quite distorted.

“Initially I suspected the old audio processor as the problem, some major problems with the 15 kHz analog audio line did not help. Once we dealt with the program lines the sound became quite a bit better, but just not right”.

After speaking with a friend I met at NAB, he suggested I try his new AM Audio Processor, the DSPXmini-AM. I told him that I had only a limited amount of money and a lot of projects pending, but when he told me the list price, my curiosity was aroused. How good can a processor this cheap sound?

A Very Quick Install

When the demonstration unit arrived, I immediately put it on line. The setup was quick and easy. Once the DSPXmini-AM was operating (Which took a total of about 10 minutes from opening the box to getting it in the rack and ready to listen), I went out to the car and checked it out. I could not believe what I was hearing; the station truly had been transformed. The audio was loud – very loud – but was not distorted at all. There was no apparent pumping of any other artefacts, just very loud and incredibly clean signal. That includes the low end. There was a lot of very clean bass.

Running well with the Specifics

My little 1kW station now is about 4 dB louder than the class A 50kW stations here in Philly. No one can touch it either in loudness or quality. The DSPXmini-AM also increased the station’s range by over 20 miles. Every staff member can hear improvement over the old processor, as can many local engineers. Now to some specifics: the basic processor is comprised of a 40band AGC followed by a 4-band peak limiter followed by an output filter.

Four bands are ideal for AM where most energy is under 5 kHz. The presents are a good start – none of them will make your station sound bad. There are also 8 memories to store your own presets, and a real time clock to allow you to day part you’re processing. The DSPXmini-AM also features peak clipper that has a ‘finesse’ control that allows for the dynamic control of the clip depth – something I have never seen before on such a value processor.

Fine Tuning

The four-line alphanumeric DSPXmini-AM display tells you all that you need to know about what is going on under the hood. It can also be connected to the internet and controlled remotely with a computer.

The software comes with the processor. The DSPXmini-AM is a stereo unit, although for this particular installation station I only needed one channel. All the connections are via XLR connectors or the RJ45 plug. This is truly a breakthrough product. There is nothing under $2500 that can touch it. It is 100% digital, stable as a rock and sounds great. What have you got to lose, except your bad on air audio?

Check out our latest range of Audio Processors and contact your local dealer to get yours today.



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Apex chooses TX1000

Apex Broadcasting Inc. based in Charleston, SC. are utilising a number of BW Broadcast products to give their stations the edge in competitive markets, including a TX1000, DSPXtra FM and a TX150.

Charleston, SC – The Apex Broadcasting group consists of WAVF 101.7 FM, Chuck-FM, WCKN 92.5 FM Kicking Country, WXST 99.7 FM Star, WMXZ 95.9 FM Mix and WSPO Charleston Visitor Info in the Charleston area and the group also covers AM and HD services. In the Ft. Walton/ Destin, FL. area they also have WECQ 92.1 Q92, WHWY Highway 98.1 Country, WHAV 102.1 The Wave and WZLB 103.1 The Blaze.

Bruce Roberts, Chief Engineer for the Apex Broadcasting group explains why he chose BW Broadcast recently to help keep his stations ahead in the respective markets.

‘We were in the process of replacing some ageing units when I was recommended to try the BW gear. We now have three BW Broadcast FM Transmitters and one audio processor, it is very likely that we will have some more in the coming months. The DSPXtra FM sounds great and was so easy to install and the transmitters are excellent.  Needless to say I was very happy with the recommendation!’

BW Broadcast TX1000 FM Transmitter

Bruce is using the TX1000 FM transmitter, the TX150 and a TX25. All of which now come with built in audio processing taken from our DSPX range, a two year comprehensive warranty and VSWR fault protection, not to mention the ultra high performance stereo encoder. All of course, as standard.

‘The design is not overly complicated, and this is a compliment. The modular and clean design gives you all the features but does not compromise reliability. We get better sound and stability and at a price that we love.’

The DSPXtra has a dual processing path that allows for the FM station and web stream to run simultaneously, giving your station two market leading outlets. The six bands of processing when combined the award winning built in Ariane Leveller delivers a signature sound for your station, be it country, rock, hip-hop or classics. No matter the content, the DSPXtra will take your station to the next level.

‘I have and will continue to, recommend BW Broadcast to others. I also know that next time I need an FM Transmitter, Audio processor, FM Receiver or RDS Encoder, I will be calling BW Broadcast first.’

Contact your local BW Broadcast dealer today to take your station to the next level or stop by our booth at NAB – Booth C3322.




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DSPXtra FM Rocking TK99

The DSPXtra FM is Rocking to over half a million people on WTKW-FM! Galaxy Communications also utilises the rest of the BW Broadcast product range

Syracuse, NY – WTKW-FM is the flagship station of SU Sports.

TK99 (and TK105 in Oswego) is the number one for Classic Rock spearheaded in the mornings by Gomez and Dave.

TK99 and TK105 are independently owned and operated by Galaxy Communications and Tim Backer explains why they choose BW Broadcast products to stay ahead of the competition.

‘We use a DSPXtra FMon TK99 because it gives me the tools to achieve a market leading sound without giving my CFO heartburn! When we were looking for a new processor, I knew we had to compete with the ‘O’ boxes without spending ‘O’ prices. I also prefer low distortion ahead of being 1/10dB louder than the next guy, but still we must be at least on par loudness wise. Thanks to the DSPXtra FM, our station competes comfortably with the other guys who are running much larger, more expensive boxes.

The DSPXtra FM is in use on WTKW-FM!

‘We used to run some older 8100’s that I had done extensive modifications to in order to stretch their competitive lifespan, but as soon as I took a demo of the DSPXtra FM, there was no comparison. The improvement is unbelievable. The attention to audio quality along with the Ariane leveller gives me the tools to sound big and loud, but not fake. The DSPXtra maintains control and doesn’t easily go ‘over the top’ like other boxes on the market. The beautiful Ariane stereo image allows me to sound louder by filling the sound stage consistently, allowing me to back off the traditional limiting and clipping levels.’

‘The box is the right number of bands (6) for cohesive and smooth sound, big stereo image thanks to the Ariane and plenty of control over parameters. All in a small package! My rack thanks BW for not having to give up 2 or 3RU, making more space for other products.’

‘The installation itself was quick and easy. I starting tuning a custom preset on the bench before installation and after a few tweaks was very happy indeed!’

‘The DSPXtra FM is excellent value for money. My CFO loves how it competes with other stations in the market that have more expensive boxes; it is like our little secret!’

‘Galaxy communications now have a number of DSPXtra’s, the brilliant RBRX1 and the ever reliable TX150 which seems to just keep going forever! I have recommended BW to a number of people, admittedly outside of our market though!’

Listen to TK99 at 99.5FM or, when in downtown Syracuse at 99.1FM. In Oswego, it’s TK105 at 105.5FM. You can also listen online thanks to the DSPXtra’s dual processing path –

The DSPXtra is available from stock now from your local BW Broadcast dealer so why not take your station to the next level today.



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TX300 LPFM Transmitter

BW Broadcast has been manufacturing FM transmitters for over 15 years and the range has been LPFM certified for 12 of those. To learn more about the range click here.

Tim Kochis is the CE for WDRW-LP, a non commercial Christian Radio station coming out of Athens, GA, aimed at the Athens community aged between 18-34. Transmitting on 107.9, the station is powered by a BW Broadcast TX300.

‘First off, installation was a breeze. I set up the in-built processing options, selected my frequency and TPO, racked it up and that was it, it was up and running!’

‘I was looking for a reliable and easy to operate exciter-transmitter that would run not just in an ideal environment, but in a harsh one too. Not every station has the ideal home for the transmitters so I needed something built to last. The TX300 has proven itself to meet all of my needs. We have used a number of other broadcast transmitters in the past but the TX300+ has exceeded our expectations!’

With built in audio processing taken from the DSPX range as standard, the TX300 has that great sound of the box quality that is either a high cost option or not an option at all in other transmitters, perfect too if your stand alone audio processor decides to take a day off!

Tim Kochis

The TX300 is part of a line of transmitters starting at 5w and getting up to 1KW from BW Broadcast. All transmitters have AES/EBU inputs, built in audio processing, VSWR Fault protection, a unique dual-loop virtual VFO exciter and two year warranties.

Speak to anyone with a BW Broadcast product and they will tell you the same thing as Tim. ‘I have many BW Broadcast products and all have performed flawlessly over the years. I can’t recommend them enough. Quality, reliability and excellent customer service make their products real contenders in the low power RF field.’

‘All of the BW Broadcast products we have purchased have proven to be excellent. The multiple units I have in the field have all been subjected to different environments and all have performed better than any other product in its class. The amortization cost to MTBF is excellent! At 2RU and modular in design, BW Broadcast keeps it simple for the client. It works and works well.’

Designed for pristine audio quality and unsurpassed reliability, thousands of BW Broadcast’s FM transmitters are operating trouble-free in some of the world’s most remote installations. With comprehensive features and creative design, the TX range offers exceptional value without compromising on performance. Perfect for LPFM, the TX600 and TX1000 also offer rock solid options at higher power.

Tim relies on a TX300, built, designed and tested in London and coming with a two year comprehensive warranty and 24 hour technical support. The processing utilises presets developed over the past decade with customers around the world to provide excellent out the box sound, giving you one less thing to worry about.

BW Broadcast also designed and manufacture the award winning and world famous RBRX1, which has changed how stations receive and re-broadcast around the globe. Also in the portfolio are superb sounding and excellently priced audio processors for FM, AM and HD, including the DSPXtra with built in Arianne leveler.

Please visit, call 1-866-376-1612 or email for more information. Alternatively visit us at NRB in Nashville, March 2-5 or NAB 2013, C1150.



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The Heart of The Olympics

Transmitting the greatest show on Earth

When the Olympics come to town, it is difficult to put into words the effect it has, as everyone at BW Broadcast have been finding out for the past fortnight.

BW Broadcast is based in London, England, a Javelin throw from the Olympic village, the stage on which the world’s greatest athletes have had 4.8 Billion people riveted to their Radios, TV sets and computers.

When the Olympic Torch landed on British soil, anticipation of the greatest show on Earth began to build, but before this point, BW Broadcast had already supplied a large number of FM transmitters for a multitude of purposes across multiple Olympic venues. Such was the demand around the world for coverage of this event that a building which could hold five jumbo jets, wing to wing, was built in the Olympic Park. Housing the world’s media, it was no surprise that there was a high demand for BW Broadcast equipment.

In the weightlifting for example, a TX5 (Band 1) was used to provide commentary for those in and around the park. It was snapped in action below by one of our own engineers who was taking in some Olympic action. Can you spot the transmitter?

BW Broadcast TX25s were also in use providing live football commentary across multiple languages to the international audience. At different stadiums around the country, the nations battled it out with Mexico coming out on top in the men’s competition and Team USA taking home Gold in the women’s competition.

London 2012 had some spectacular backdrops, from Wembley, the home of football; to Horse Guards Parade, the site for the world famous Trooping the Colour.  In this hallowed ground under the gaze of the London Eye and Big Ben the world’s best Beach Volleyball players went toe to toe.  Again a couple of BW Broadcast transmitters were on-site doing what they do best. With built in audio processing and AES/EBU inputs added shortly before the Olympics to all our FM transmitters at no extra cost, the transmission and processing for many events was put in the safe and very capable hands of BW Broadcast.

Great Britain has been on a high since the arrival of the Torch and the opening ceremony acted as a catalyst for national hysteria as Olympic fever swept the nation. London was alive with activity, with the Games on everybody’s lips. Millions of people lined the streets and stadiums to cheer on their respective athletes and a carnival feel gripped the capital. At BW Broadcast HQ, stories of attendance at different events were hot topic as the nation became experts in sports such as the modern pentathlon, archery, double-tap shooting and synchronised swimming. Such was the spectacle of the Olympics that overwhelming ticket demand caused every event to sell out. The 2012 Paralympics starting in a week’s time are also almost sold out, another first.

No prizes for guessing who has been called upon to provide equipment for that too.



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Don't Judge a Book...

DSPXmini to be renamed DSPXmighty!
OK, not really, but glowing reports from the field suggest we should do! Packing more of a punch than the tag ‘mini’ suggests, its name could only be used to describe the price. With a feature list as long as Usain Bolts stride, durability that puts double Olympic Champion Mo Farah to shame and more tricks than an Olympic gymnast, the DSPXmini range is the gold standard for audio processing.

If you are looking to sound exceptional but are concious about your budget, look no further than the world’s most popular audio processor, with thousands already on the air. The DSPXmini (FM, AM, HD, ST) will meet and surpass your expectations.

Don’t believe us? That’s OK, the proof, of course, is always in the pudding…

We are using these processors (DSPXmini) in several medium sized markets and they are keeping up with much more expensive units for a fraction of the cost. – Pilgrim Radio, USA

We trialled a DSPXmini AM and are now replacing ONE of your competitors products with it. We love how good WURD sounds now!- WURD, USA.

Our DSPXmini AM is on use on our translator and sounds better than our 8200 on a sister station! – Jackson.

In a head to head with a DSPXmini FM SE, the FM4 wasn’t even close. – Oregon Public Radio, USA.

Processors ready to ship

I think you will agree, that that is some serious pudding…

The best bit of course, is that they are in stock, ready and waiting to be shipped off and make the difference to your station that you, your listeners and the ‘big wigs’ are waiting for.

Call your local distributor today and add some MIGHTY to your station.





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KSRM Commissions DSPX-AM

SCMS Customer Assessment - BW Broadcast DSPX-AM
KSRM radio group delivers programming on five radio stations serving the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska since 1967.

Located 140 road miles south of Anchorage, KSRM sits between Kenai and Soldotna Alaska and covers an audience of around 40,000 people. Their flagship station, KSRM 920AM has been broadcasting news/talk format for over forty years. It is particularly popular during the morning drive when it pulls in its largest listening figures.

Paul Jewusiak, chief engineer for KSRM, explains how the group retains its listeners. A great sounding radio station will keep listeners coming back. If audio is fatiguing people won’t like what they hear. This often is due to the loudness war. You try to be louder than the competitor, but quality suffers when you push the processor past its limits in the quest for loudness. You could have superior content, but if the audio quality is poor, people will turn off!

In Alaska, we have the disadvantage of being a sparsely populated state. So, KSRM did not want to spend $7,000 on an AM audio processor. As I searched for a lower cost solution, Doug Tharp with SCMS recommended I try the BW Broadcast DSPX-AM. At $2,395.00 the price was right. However, I wasn’t sure about the quality. So, SCMS provided a 30 day try-before-buy. I had 30 days to either return it for full credit or send in our payment for the processor. I decided to give it a try.

I found the DSPX-AM easy to set-up. It was clear that BW Broadcast had spent lots of time building the factory presets. In fact, I ended up choosing a Rock preset to get the desired high energy sound. With built-in sine and square wave generator set-up was fast. I tweaked the sound a little and was impressed with the difference. I then decided to go to the car and give it a listen. With the remote control software I could make changes from the parking lot. It didn’t take long for staff to take notice. The GM was pleased with the sound. The DSPX-AM produces a clean crisp and punchy sound that stands out.

I found the DSPX-AM has a feature set formidable to any processor, at any price. DSPX-AM offers four band limiting and four band window gated AGC processor. The tri-band look-ahead path allows the simultaneous full 20kHz digital radio processing. Of course, we use the asymmetrical clipping to optimize the sound for voice. Add this to

the Tilt Equalization and we have a bright and energized sound unmatched in this market. It has a real time clock for preset scheduling. The DSPX-AM offers dual processing paths if we ever decide to do HD.

We sent our payment to SCMS. We are very pleased with the sound we’ve achieved and the minimal work required to-do so. I’d highly recommend the DSPX-AM to anyone looking in any size market. I’ve used processors that cost much more and have not been able to get these results. I can’t wait to try the BW Broadcast DSPX-FM on my next project.’ The DSPX-AM has a long feature list and is available from SCMS for only $2,175.00.

  • Analog and Digital (AES/EBU) Inputs
  • High pass filtering
  • Adjustable low pass filtering (4 kHz – 10 kHz)
  • Adjustable high frequency equalization
  • Wideband window-gated AGC
  • Linear phase crossover
  • 4-Band window-gated AGC
  • 4-Band limiting
  • Anti-aliased distortion-controlled clipping
  • Adjustable clipping asymmetry up to 150% positive
  • Transmitter tilt equalization
  • Tri-band look-ahead path for simultaneous full 20 kHz digital radio processing
  • Built-in sine/square tone generator
  • RS232 and TCP/IP Net Interfaces for Remote Control
  • Real Time Clock for Preset Scheduling
  • Preset Trigger Port
  • Full Range of User Presets with A/B Switching
  • Security (password) Control
  • Software ‘FLASH’ Upgradable



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