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BW Broadcast is proud to announce that as of July 2013, Broadcast ONE have been appointed the Master Distributor for BW Broadcast in Australia. Founded in 2010, the experienced team at Broadcast ONE have built many hundreds of transmission facilities for analogue & digital radio, satellite earth stations & hubs for both commercial and defence use.

Since 2010 Broadcast ONE has quickly grown to be a respected RF supply and integration company in the Asia-Pacific region and has enjoyed recent major successes in Australia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Broadcast ONE have a long standing commitment to BW Broadcast as a highly performing distributor over their years in partnership. With the acquisition of Gencom in place and their wide Asia-Pacific spread, Broadcast ONE are well set to serve the needs of broadcasters in the region. As Master Distributor, Broadcast ONE will hold stock of BW Broadcast’s range of products and spare parts and support the efforts of other excellent re-sellers in the region.

On behalf of Broadcast ONE, Kelly John Woods (KJ), Vice President, comments;

“This announcement continues Broadcast ONE’s focus to bring “Best in Class” FM products to the Australian market and will bring clients and regional distributors alike, fast, first class local support for the BW Broadcast product range. As part of this commitment we are excited to be showing the new BW Broadcast V2 transmitter platform, DSPXtra FM audio processor, RDS2+ RDS encoder and industry leading RBRX1 DSP FM Receiver at the upcoming SMPTE show.”

Scott Incz, Managing Director of BW Broadcast reflects;

“We welcome the new role of Broadcast ONE as Master Distributor and look forward to working together in serving Australian broadcasters with the latest technology in our product ranges.”

If you would like to visit Broadcast ONE at the SMPTE Show, they will be exhibiting in the Sydney Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour between 23rd and 26th July. They will be showcasing BW Broadcast’s new range of FM Transmitters; The V2 range was an award winner at the NAB show in April, proved great success at BCA in June and will be demonstrated at IBC in September.

For more information regarding any of our product range contact your local dealer by visiting our Dealer Map below.

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Certificate of Excellence

Dealer Training from BW Broadcast is the latest addition to our commitment to providing a level of service that is re-setting the bar to an all new high. What more would you expect from a company that offers a two year warranty and 24/7 support?

At BW Broadcast, we understand the importance of reliability, efficiency and quality of service. We understand this because this is what we expect from each other and this creates a fundamental undertone within the organisation. An undertone which goes into everything we do.

With tens of thousands of products around the world, working in some of the most challenging locations, BW Broadcast equipment has a reputation for being robust, reliable and industry leading. This wide distribution is thanks in no small part to the international network of partners who provide local support and information to a wealth of different communities, cultures and applications.

To maximise the quality of service you receive, BW Broadcast actively encourages its dealers to undertake factory training, allowing us to share our knowledge and provide unparalleled support.

Add this to our 24 hour support line and you can see our commitment to giving you the best service in addition to innovative, reliable products, and all of course for the great value you expect from BW Broadcast.

Doug Tharp, pictured above, recently completed his training in London and received his Certificate of Excellence from Dave. The training involves a brief introduction to the build procedure, the identification of key components and set up instructions, a detailed look at our automated testing procedure with emphasis on the extreme lengths that we go to to ensure the products meet and surpass all international requirements and a run through of the set up and operation of all the products in our portfolio. Once the training is complete, engineers, designers and test staff are all on hand to answer any questions.

Interested in our training options? Why not get in touch and see if you too can benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience that is available from BW Broadcast HQ.

Why not contact your local BW Broadcast dealer today and start using equipment that comes with a level of quality that you will love and a level of service you could really get used to!



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Champions boosted by TX5

Austrian Bundesliga and Austrian cup winners 2011/2012 use TX5 to share their success! 

REDBULL Salzburg, the Austrian double winning football side for the 2011/2012 season are utilising the power of a BW Broadcast TX5 to broadcast live commentary, post and pre match analysis and fan discussions on 87.5FM. Also in the chain is a BW Broadcast RDS2+ encoder.

Bought by the Red Bull Company in 2005, the club previously known as SV Austria Salzburg with a history dating back to 1933 has a decorated history in Austrian football. With a 31,000 capacity stadium, ‘Die Bullen’ (The Bulls – a nickname since 2005) have won the top prize seven times since 1993.

The commentators

2011/2012 Champions

For their commentary team, they needed an easy to use and reliable low power transmitter that is efficient and robust. Michael Kastelic whose company Datamatix is the official BW Broadcast dealer in Austria and also well versed in providing equipment for sport, recommended the TX5 from BW Broadcast.

The lightweight TX5 is ideally suited for micro power radio stations, cable TV FM modulators, real estate advertising, drive in movie theatres, lab testing and much more thanks to its integrated single box design encompassing the amplifier, exciter and now multi band audio processing as well as digital and analogue in/outputs. Put simply, this is the best 5 watt transmitter available on the plant and at a price you will love.

All BW Broadcast FM transmitters are loaded with features, such as a configurable compressor/limiter and front-panel LCD control interface. Underlying architecture includes a unique dual-loop Virtual VFO exciter, ultra-low distortion modulator and high performance stereo encoder integrated into a great performing, highly stable FM transmission system. Developed for global use, the TX5 is frequency agile and complies with all applicable CE, FCC and EU regulations.

The Virtual VFO dual loop PLL system allows perfect audio flatness to below 10 Hz. AFC bounce and modulator overshoot are things of the past. Low bass can be achieved without distortion and overshoots, yet with greater stereo separation.

The TX5′s limiter and stereo encoder can be switched in and out of circuit. The TX5 can be adjusted anywhere from 100 mW to 5 watts. The rear panel contains XLR balanced inputs with input level controls, BNC for multiplex output from the internal digital stereo generator, BNC for multiplex input to the exciter for loop through operation and external processor input. RF output is via an N-Type socket.

Contact your local dealer now and see for yourself how good the TX5 really is, after all, the champions wouldn’t stand for anything less than the best.

2011/2012 Champions

FC Red Bull Salzburg (c/o Steindy) 1
REDBULL Salzburg – TX5 – 87.5 MHz – RDS2+



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Slovakia Sees ITU BS-412

New Regulations of the Slovakian Telecommunications Authority come into force from 1.09.2012. Any broadcaster which operates its own transmitters, or those who rent a broadcast facility must meet the new conditions.

  • The maximum modulation must not exceed 75kHz
  • The performance of the overall multiplexed signal (MPX Power) = 0 dBr
  • These two measurements must be maintained across the network from studio to transmitter.
  • Set the output frequency and total stroke multiplexed signal (ITU BS-412 limit) We called the MPX is Power

BW Broadcast offers you simple and immediate solution – using either the DSPX-FM, DSPXtra-FM or DSPXtreme-FM/HD you can easily set these parameters in one piece of equipment! Not only this you will also have an excellent quality broadcast thanks to the advanced DSP multi-band FM audio processor.

Radio Format consulting is offering a special package when purchasing a BW Broadcast processor for this requirement:

  • Free installation (within 200km).
  • Measurement of all parameters before instalation
  • Measurement of all parameters after free installation
  • Nonstop 24-hour service during the warranty period free of charge
  • 2 years warranty

For enquires regarding how ITU BS-412 affects your station in Slovakia please contact Lubos Tarkos:

Radio Format Consulting
Lubos Tarkos
Phone: +421 905 405 164



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FACE Unlimited Workshop

FACE Unlimited held a successful Technical Workshop in Dharka on 12 May.

More than 20 Community Radio Initiators were invited them to attend a day long Orientation Workshop to learn about the process and technology involved in running a sucsessful Community Radio Station. Talks were given by AHM Bazlur Rahman (CEO of BNNRC), Md. Arifur Rahman (Chief Executive of YPSA) and Sohel Awrangzeb (CEO of FACE Unlimited).

The day’s participants found the program very beneficial and in particular the hands on visit to the Radio Station setup by Face Unlimted.

For more information or anyone in the region interested in Community Radio please contact Sohel Awrangzeb at FACE Unlimited:

Sohel Awrangzeb
FACE Unlimited
15/A, Central Bashabo
Dhaka 1214, Bangladesh
Tel: +8801711530336



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