IBC 2016

BW Broadcast will be exhibiting at IBC, between 8 – 13 September 2016, at RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Don’t miss this event!

Our team will demonstrate how our brand new Encore range of products will improve your radio station – improving it’s sound, increasing listenership and taking the stress out of managing your station.

IBC sits at the global crossroads of the electronic media and entertainment industry and provides a full and vibrant experience, whether you are a student or CEO, an innovative start-up or media superpower. Held at the world-class venue, the  Amsterdam RAI every September, it is always at the forefront of industry innovation and provides unrivalled networking opportunities. Join 55,000 attendees from more than 170 countries and find us from hall 8, stand E73.

At the IBC Exhibition, you will be able to meet us and get a hands-on experience to test out a range of our award-winning products:

Besides trying out all of our products yourself, we will also provide you with a personal advice and recommendations for your radio station using years of knowledge in the FM broadcasting industry.

We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition, and as a complimentary gift, all our stand visitors can get a FREE visitor pass to the IBC tradeshow. Simply use the code 11752 on IBC website and complete a registration form to receive your free pass. Click here to register now. 

Can’t make it? Why not contact your local dealer and arrange a free, no-obligation demo now to see if our products could rock your station. Click here to contact your local dealer. 

IBC 2016 Amsterdam floor plan BW Broadcast



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Perfect rebroadcasting

We discuss why buying a rebroadcast receiver with dual tuners will be the best decision you’ll make.

Firstly, let’s clear up the difference between ‘dual tuners’ and ‘dual inputs’.

Dual Inputs

Some re-broadcast receivers on the market have dual inputs, this allows you to have two antennas into one re-broadcast receiver. What that means in real terms is that should you have a problem with one antenna you can keep receiving on the other – it’s a useful feature, but that’s all it does, it doesn’t offer any diversity features or other benefits.

Dual Receivers

Having dual receivers, on the other hand, will offer you this plus a whole host of other benefits. It guarantees you will always be re-broadcasting the best possible signal and gives you single or dual-frequency diversity.

The RBRX Encore is the ONLY rebroadcast receiver on the market that has dual tuners!

5 ways dual tuners guarantee you THE perfect rebroadcast!

1. Automatically chooses the best signals – No monitoring or adjustments required! You can provide the receiver with a choice of two RF signals and allow the receiver to dynamically and intelligently chose the best signal to use. This gives you the peace of mind that you will always be rebroadcasting the best possible signal without the hassle of having to continually monitor your broadcast and make adjustments.

2. Position each antenna to ensure you get the best signal, even if things change
You can position each antenna completely differently. Different heights, direction and polarization (vertical or horizontal) to receive the best signal under different conditions. This is particularly useful if you are trying to receive a distant signal which is affected by the atmospheric condition. Or at a site where typography or buildings clutter can have an effect on the signal. These can be the trickiest installations as antenna position is not always obvious and can change greatly from day to day. A receiver with dual tuners means you’ll spend less time on site trying to set up the best position, only to find later that the situation has changed and you have to go back to the site to re-adjust, and then again, and again and again – a very tedious task!

3. Let the RBRX Encore worry about what’s the best signal to rebroadcast.
Dual tuners allow you to pick up two different frequencies and rebroadcast them on a third frequency. This is great for repeater situations where you have the choice of two comparatively similar signals strengths to choose from – you don’t have to worry about choosing the wrong, the receiver will do it for you. It also means should one of the signals fail, your rebroadcast with continue seamlessly.

4. Redundancy – If any part of your rebroadcast system fails you won’t go off air.
The benefit of having 2 tuners, 2 antennas and in some cases 2 signals means that if any part of the processes fails you will keep re-broadcasting. Switching from one tuner to another is seamless, no one knows you have a problem, you won’t go off air. Say goodbye to 3am emergency call outs instead you can fix the problem in a timeframe that suits you – you’ll love this feature especially if you have a remote or difficult to access site.

5. Stops third party interference causing you headaches!
Probably the most irritating issue surrounding rebroadcasting engineers talk to us about is the interference caused by a third party. They’ve spent time at the site getting set up perfectly only for a few months later another station switches on a high power unit and the same site and now they’re struggling to get a good clean signal. If your receiver has dual tuners you’ll see a reduction in these types of issues and you’ll spend less time trying to diagnose and solve irregularities in your rebroadcast signal.

So as you can see, dual tuners are an essential feature you should be looking for if you are a serious rebroadcaster.

It will:

• Ensure you’re re-broadcasting the best possible signal
• Reduce time and stress spent at transmission site
• Reduce time spent monitoring your broadcast
• End issues relating to intermittent signal strength and fade out
• Stop off air disasters

It doesn’t yet make you a cup of tea – but we’re working on it ;) Click here to find out more about the RBRX Encore or find your local dealer now



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Power Scheduling

Care about the planet? Want to cut your energy bills? Check out V2’s power scheduling feature and do both

Whether you’re an environmentalist doing your bit for the planet or just interested in keeping your running cost as low as possible, the power scheduling feature on our V2 transmitters will help you do both.



We can’t stop your transmitter consuming electricity, but V2 transmitters have many features to help you keep those bills down.

If you’re a small broadcaster it may not be cost effective to broadcast throughout the night while your audience is tucked up in bed. Although your audio’s off, your transmitter is consuming exactly the same amount of electricity. Power scheduling on V2 transmitters can be set up to automatically reduce the power at this time. Over a year that is a lot of wasted energy and $$$.

Even if you do broadcast 24/7 you may find that during the night your signal may travel further. This means you could afford to turn the power down and still reach the same listenership – it’s definitely worth experimenting.



The V2 transmitters built-in power scheduling feature allows you to set the power to automatically adjust once a day. This is great if you are not going to be broadcasting at the same time every day.


In order to set up the automatic power scheduling to go on once a day, simply follow these eight steps:

1. Go to your transmitter

2. Open the settings

3. Go to RF Settings

4. Select Power Scheduler

5. Make sure the ‘enabled’ option is ‘enabled’

6. Select the transmission power you would like to be scheduled

7. Enter the start time for the power

8. Enter the finish time for the scheduled power

Once you have completed the above steps, your transmitter will be set up to change the power at your chosen time period.


For even more versatility, or to change these settings, you can use the remote control app to adjust to power level on the fly whenever you need, from wherever you are. Click here to find out more.





If you want even more control you can set power scheduling to adjust the power up and down throughout the day as may many times as you want using SNMP. Find out more about SNMP.

Want to find out more about our award-winning transmitters?

Check out the product range here.





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SET Expo 2016

BW Broadcast will be attending at SET Expo 2016 from 29 August – 1September at the Expo Centre in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Don’t miss this event! Come as our guest for FREE, click here and enter guest code SETBWB 

SET Expo is Latin America’s largest event in the broadcasting and new media sectors. Last year, more than 15,000 participants joined together over the 5-day event. 200 exhibitors representing over 400 exhibitor brands spread across 8,000 sqm of space showcasing their most intelligent and sophisticated solutions for capture, production, post production and transmission.







Among others, BW Broadcast will be exhibiting at the exhibition on all days so come and see us! You can find us from stand 62F at Expo Center Norte in Sao Paulo.

Explore our award-winning product range, find out how we can help your radio station and test out the remote control solutions that come with all our products. Among others, you can test out the following products:

  • Brand new Encore range, which is set to revolutionise the FM industry within next few months
  • FM transmitters, including products from our V2 range
  • Affordable ‘single box’ FM translators for smaller radio stations
  • Power amplifiers that can help you boost your signal strength
  • Re-broadcast receivers, including our new RBRX Encore rebroadcast receiver
  • Audio processors to help you achieve your station’s signature sound
  • RDS Encoders that improve your station’s listenership and brand awareness

We will also be there to answer any questions you may have or provide you with a personalised advice to help you and your radio station. So why not register now for the SET Expo 2016! We look forward to seeing you in Sao Paulo.

Not in Latin America? Contact one of our dealers in your region and book a no-obligation demo with them now to find out how our products can make it easier to manage your radio station.


SET Expo 2016 floor plan



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Join us at Amitra 2016!

Come and join us at the Amitra tradeshow in Acapulco from 25 to 27 August 2016The congress will take place at Grand Hotel Acapulco & Convention Center and provides you  with training sessions, development and innovative new solutions for FM broadcasting. 

The Congress reaches its version 39 this year, and Eusebio Maldonado Mejia, president of Amitra said: “This year we have 12 general conferences and 12 workshops equipment. We hope to have about 150 professionals to our most important event of the year. It provides a broad overview of what is happening and what comes to radio and television, as the model of digital TV ATSC 3.0, 4K and trends in AM and FM.” 


Besides showcasing our award-winning product range, we will be hosting a workshop on the various ways you can monitor and control our V2 transmitters.

FM transmitters by BW Broadcast


There are several ways to control our transmitters. Simple Networking Management Protocol (SNMP) allows you to monitor the parameters of your BW Broadcast transmitters in real time. You can find out more about SNMP at our workshop at Amitra. 



Introducing at Amitra

TR300 V2 | Single Box FM Translator 

The TR300 V2 is set to revolutionize the translator market, a ‘single box’ solution that pulls in even the weakest signals and re-broadcast with amazing clarity. It’s the only single-box translator on the market, saving you $$$ on a traditional transmitter + receiver solution. It is also faster and easier to set up, cheaper to maintain and eliminates compatibility problems.

BW Broadcast single box translator solution


BW Broadcast is looking forward to seeing you at the Amitra 2016 Congress in Acapulco! Find us from the ICKROM stand at the Grand Hotel Acapulco. If you are not able to make it then why not request a free, no-obligation demo with our local dealer in Mexico? Click here to get in touch with ICKROM now. 

Not in Mexico? We are also going to be in Brazil from 30 August – 1 September 2016, at SET Expo 2016.



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Calling all Football Fans

We’re getting really excited about the upcoming Euro 2016 Football Tournament.
As a multi-national company with employees from over 10 countries, it can get pretty competitive here!

We would love for you to join in the fun, by creating your own fantasy football team and competing against us.

Join BW Broadcast Fantasy Football League

Whoever finishes top of our league will win a hamper of goodies and also $500 of Amazon vouchers – so hurry up and join the football frenzy now!

To join the fun, go to UEFA’s Euro Fantasy Football website and follow these 3 simple steps to create your own team:

  1. Pick 15 players that make up your team
  2. Confirm starting 11 and select team Captain
  3. Confirm squad
Three steps to creating your UEFA Fantasy team

Once you have confirmed your team, you will have to either register a new account or sign in to your existing account. When you have logged in, you can join our league and compete against our fantasy team by clicking on Leagues -> Join a League and enter our unique code 72661S1A. 

Join our league

It’s free, it’s great fun, and you could be the WINNER!

JOIN NOW, entries have to be submitted by 10th June 2016, don’t miss the FUN!



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5 Reasons We're Top!

Find out the TOP 5 reasons customers choose a BW Broadcast transmitters over other manufacturers. It might prevent you from making a decision you regret.



Built-in audio processing means you’ll sound great without spending another penny!

Did you know that our V2 transmitters come with our most popular audio processor built-in?

The DSPXmini is a well respected audio processor in it’s own right, and it comes built into our transmitters, as standard, absolutely FREE. Many stations who buy our transmitters, that already have a standalone processor, end up switching to this built-in one because they like the sound quality so much – it really is that good.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what some stations that already use our equipment had to say: 

Hands down the best transmitter you can get, includes awesome processing features. Intelligent Design and user friendly interface. 

Radio Engineer, USA

Just wanted to let you know the built-in processing is working great! It did give me the extra volume I needed without distortion or clipping! It worked so great..send me another one. The PD on my big country station heard it and is jealous! 

KXKZ & ESPN 97.7 Monroe-Ruston, USA


Quick-change parts reduce maintenance hassle and cost, and you’ll be back on air in super quick time!

Another great thing about our V2 transmitters are the quick-change parts. Repairs like swapping out power supplies can be done in seconds, you don’t need to remove the lid, so you won’t need any tools. Take a look here at how simple it is to do – we think you’ll be impressed.

Watch video now

If you’ve ever had to change a transistor you’ll know what a tricky task this can be, especially on site. Our transistors can be changed in minutes using just a screwdriver, not soldering iron required phew!! Check out the video, we’re not making it look simple, it really is that simple!

Watch video now



A remote control app that will allow you to monitor and control from your smartphone.

If you’ve never tried it out before, this is a perfect opportunity to have a go at our V2 remote control app. Whether you have 1 or 100 transmitters to manage you’ll find this app invaluable. You can do all sorts of cool stuff, change frequency, power output, even switch the presets of the built-in processor. We think it will be the easiest remote control you’ve ever used, it so intuitive it doesn’t need any explanation, have a go and see for yourself.

Try out the app now!



A transmitter that has been designed with the overall running costs in mind!

Have you ever based a purchasing decision on the cost of a product? Probably the answer is yes, we all do.  But how often have you looked at the on-going costs? Occasionally… rarely … never?

So the transmitter you are about to buy is nearly $350 cheaper than another manufacturers, great deal you think…


The ever rising energy prices could swallow that $350 very quickly.


An engineer call out, being off air, lost revenue, lost listeners – that $350 saving is not looking so attractive now.


How easy and quick is it to get spare parts and repairs, what does the manufacturer charge for those parts and repairs? What’s the service like, can you actually get hold of someone to help you with a problem? These are the costs that we rarely consider until we are faced with the problem, by which time it’s too late to realize we’ve made the wrong choice.

Read this article to find out what you should really be looking out for when buying a transmitter?



Reliability and Service is as important to us as our products.

A ‘super cool’ transmitter is a reliable transmitter

Firstly our transmitters are designed to run ‘super cool’. The transistors efficiency, the design of the transmitter, allowing cool air to be channeled, heatsink design and fan reliability all play an essential roll in making our transmitters run ‘super cool’.

Tested to the max so your patience isn’t!

Our transmitters are tested to the max before we are happy to send them to you. Our advanced automated testing system means that we can guarantee all our transmitters are performing perfectly. See it in action



24/7 Technical Support that will give you peace of mind

We have trained engineers on-call 24/7, so if you have an off-air emergency there will always be someone to assist you. If the problem can’t be fixed over the phone, because our transmitters are modular, we can often send a part that you can swap out in the field, reducing off air time and costs.

Fairly priced spare parts and repair, delivered quickly

Our spare parts prices and repair charges are considerably less than many manufacturers, we believe that once you’ve made an investment in equipment you shouldn’t be ripped off with massive repair bills if something goes wrong.

Equally we will always supply you with updated software which includes adding new features at no extra charge, so you know that your product will be future proofed.



You can see our award winning transmitters, including the new TX2500 V2 ( 2500 watt version) as well as the new translator range, which include a built-in rebroadcast receiver at BCA (Broadcast Asia), booth number 5C4-01.




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A transmitter's real cost?

Have you ever based a purchasing decision on the cost of a product? Probably the answer is yes, we all do.  But how often have you looked at the on-going costs? Occasionally… rarely … never?

So the transmitter you are about to buy is nearly $350 cheaper than another manufacturers, great deal you think…


The ever rising energy prices could swallow that $350 very quickly. 


An engineer call out, being off air, lost revenue, lost listeners – that $350 saving is not looking so attractive now.


How easy and quick is it to get spare parts and repairs, what does the manufacturer charge for those parts and repairs? What’s the service like, can you actually get hold of someone to help you with a problem? These are the costs that we rarely consider until we are faced with the problem, by which time it’s too late to realize we’ve made the wrong choice.



A forward thinking manufacturer will be incorporating advances in transmission design technology into their products, thinking outside the box, to deliver features that will meet customer’s demands. By utilizing innovations made in transistors, improving RF amplifier designs, using better RF combining techniques, coupled with improved power supplies has lead to major improvements in power density and the efficiency of the next generation of solid state transmitters.  

Why use MOSFets?

The introduction of Latterly Diffused Metal Oxide Semi-conductors Field Transistors has revolutionized RF amplifier design. These devices are very rugged, leading to greater reliability and reducing maintenance issues. Originally designed to be used in demanding industrial, medical and scientific applications the latest generation have been developed for use in VHF FM RF amplifiers and offer twice the power in half the space. They have higher DC-RF efficiency and thus create less heat. In addition they offer high gain and ample peak power headroom to accommodate the peak power demands of digital waveforms for HD radio. MOSFets are less expensive, more reliable and efficient, they run cooler and have less maintenance issues. We have taken this a step further by incorporating ‘gold-clamp’ technology for mounting these devices in our transmitters. Instead of using lead free solder (an alloy of tin) our transistors are mounted between two thick gold coatings on a fibreglass substrate. This gives our transmitters major advantages over our competitors. It provides a greater surface area between substrate and transistor which greatly increasing the area for  thermal conduction and it reduces electrical resistance between the power amplifier & the transistor. This increases the RF efficiency and reduces the running temperature. It also makes the transistor much easier to replace, the top substrate is simply removed using a standard Phillips screwdriver, the transistor is pulled free, replaced, and the top substrate is screwed back down tightly, there is no soldering and you don’t need to be an expert to do it. It can be done very easily in the field in minutes, saving you time, money and hassle. See how easy it is for yourself!  


There is much talk about a transmitter’s efficiency, but what does that actually mean and how is it going to save you money. Well firstly it is important to know what efficiency they are referring too, is it the efficiency of the transistor (RF Efficiency) or the transmitters efficiency (AC to RF efficiency).

Energy Efficiency (AC to RF Efficiency)

In simple terms a transmitter draws power from the utility company and converts in to RF. The AC to RF efficiency measures how successfully it does this. If you are trying to reduce your running costs, the higher this figure is the better. The first tube transmitter designers would be please with a figure between 20-30%. Today our TX2500 V2 is 78% efficient, so you can see things have moved on substantially. If you consider the amount of energy consumed over a transmitters lifetime a couple of % can really make a difference in the running cost and should be given serious consideration when making purchasing decisions. Did you know? The power scheduling feature on V2 transmitters will save $$$ off your electricity bills. This handy little feature that can be accessed via the front panel. It’s called ‘power scheduling’ and this allow you to turn the power down automatically at certain times of the day, so if you don’t transmit during the early hours you can set your transmitter to power down, so you’re not wasting electricity.

RF Efficiency

RF efficiency measures the efficiency of the transistor. This also has an impact on power consumption, but a lot less than RF to AC efficiency. The main disadvantage of having inefficient RF is heat , If a transistor is running at less than 100% efficiency, any power which is lost will be dissipated as heat. While no transistor can run at 100% efficiency, in high power applications a small drop can cause large amounts of heat to be dissipated. If this is heat is not properly carried away using heat sinks and fans it can greatly reduce the operating life of the transistor or in worse case scenarios cause the component to fail.

How does this effect operating temperatures?

LDMOS-FET transistors are more efficient by design, but how airflow is channeled, the style of heatsink and the reliability of the fans play a massive part in ensuring the transmitter stays as cool as possible, giving trouble-free operation. This image shows our TX600 V2 . The output is produced from two gold metallized STAC2942B N-channel MOSFETS , These are gold clamped into a custom double pallet and fixed directly to a single 300mm long aluminum heatsink. Air is drawn through the heat sink (front to back) via a rear panel mounted 24V fan which has a maximum airflow of 80CFM. Two power supplies provide the PA drive and have independent integrated cooling.

Why is airflow design so important?

The image below shows an internal shot of the transmitter after 10 minutes running with the lid attached. You can clearly see the warmer areas around the two transistors in the bottom center of the picture. Reading from the temperature bar to the left, we can see the running temperature is around 52˚C.   This second image shows the transmitter after running for a full hour. At this time the transmitter will have reached full thermal equilibrium & we can assume that it will get no hotter if the ambient temperature is stable. We can see the temperatures are much the same. The maximum junction operating temperature for the transistor is 200˚C, therefore we see this transmitter has very good thermal design. This is a thermal image of the transmitter when the ambient temperature is raised to 30˚C.We can see that the temperature has only risen by 9˚C, the same as the rise in the ambient temperature. This is testament to the advanced cooling system in the TX600V2.     This image shows what happens when the lid is removed, rather than getting cooler, the transmitter gets hotter. The airflow is no longer channeled through the vents, under the heat sinks and out via the fans, the warm air is not being carried away effectively. The transmitter still copes well, with a temperature rise of 15˚C this is mainly due to the highly efficient LDMOS-FET transistors, but you can see how important our innovative heatsink and airflow design are to keeping the transmitter cool.   What can we conclude from this? A transmitter with good thermal design, such as the V2 range, will maintain its temperature over prolonged use. Increases in the ambient temperature will only cause proportional increases in the running temperature of the transmitter, which will make the transmitter less likely to suffer with maintenance issues.

Never forget – a cool transmitter is a reliable transmitter!


Even if you have done all your research and looked at reliability, there is bound to be a point in the future that it will require some kind of maintenance, or a part that needs changing. You need to be sure this can be done as cheaply and quickly as possible. This should really be a major consideration for buyers as these are often unforeseen cost that can make or break the success of your station. How easy it will be to speak to someone when you have a technical problem, how quickly can you get new parts, how easy are they to changeSo when designing our transmitter we looked at the component that would cause the most problems when they fail, transistors and power supplies, as we discussed early both these parts can be changed really quickly in the field using no or basic tools without training, this will reduce the amount of time you could be off air and definitely the amount off stress on the engineer who has to make these repairs, fiddly soldering on site in a cramped and hot transmitter site are a thing of the past.

Quick change parts. 

As well as the quick change gold clamp transistors the V2 range of transmitters use slide-in power supplies.  Previously a typical transmitter would use a large transformer with a rectifier stack and filtering. These are big and bulky and prone to maintenance issues. Nowadays we use switch mode power supplies , which are closely controlled by the microprocessor. They are smaller, lighter, highly efficient and can be used at a wide range of voltages. This is why even our 1.5kW is only 2U and weighs only 13.4 kg. The slide-in power supplies are a unique feature of our V2 transmitters. Mounted in bays in the back of the transmitter, they simply slide in and out to be changed. It takes seconds to do, you don’t need and tools and you don’t need to be a trained engineer to do it. On some models there are 2 power supplies, this allow you to swap power supplies with out needing to power down the transmitter. This is also useful if you have a problem with a transmitter, as it means you will continue transmitting using the power the supply that is working. See just how quickly they can be changed here!

Monitoring and controlling your equipment the easy way!

The ease in which you can monitor and control your transmitter will allow you to solve problems before they become an issue. V2 transmitters offer just about as many monitor and control options as you could ever need. There are intelligent email alarms; SNMP, UDP and local SD card logging keep you updated with how the transmitter is doing.  If you want to need to make any changes, you can do this remotely using our Remote Control App.  It can be used on any device (including i-phones) and it allows you to access and control your transmitter(s) wherever you are. You’ll be on top of any problem before it even happens. Web Remote User Interface has probably become the most popular way to control the V2 transmitter, receiving some great feedback from engineers on how easy it is to set-up and use. It gives you instant access to your transmitter with the ability to change a range of settings from wherever you are. So if you’re out and about and you get a phone call with an urgent request to check on something or make a setting change you can now do it immediately. See how intuitive the V2 web remote is to use – we think you’ll be impressed! You can read more about the different ways you can monitor V2 transmitters here     So to recap, what things you should you make sure you know before buying a transmitter…

How efficient is this transmitter?

  • RF to AC will let you know how much is going to cost in electricity. Also check to see if it has any special features that cut down on energy consumption.
  • RF efficiency will let you know how efficient the design / transistors are. The less efficient the more energy you will need to put in to get the same power out, but more importantly the more heat that will be created.

How reliable is this transmitter?

  • Look at the design, how much consideration have been taken in the design to operating temperature?

How easy is this transmitter to monitor and maintain?

  • How will you know that there is a problem with your transmitter?
  • Does it have a good system of triggers and alarms?
  • If you need to make vital changes to settings how easy is this to do?
  • If something goes wrong what kind of support does the manufacturer have?
  • Can you get hold of parts easily? What are the costs?
  • Can any of them be changed in the field?

For more information about our V2 Transmitter Range including full specifications click here or if you have a specific question please contact us sales@bwbroadcast.com 

Need help selecting your next transmitter? Take a look at our comparison table below:

Transmitters comparison table



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Broadcast Asia 2016

We will be exhibiting at BCA between 31st May and 3rd June 2016, at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, booth 5C4-01

Don’t miss this event!

We will be demonstrating how our range of products will improve your radio station – improving it’s sound, increasing listenership and taking the stress out of managing your station.

BW Broadcast is looking forward to seeing you at the Broadcast Asia 2016 exhibition from Tuesday to Friday. You can find us on Level 5 at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre, booth number 5C4-01:

Come and find us at Broadcast Asia 2016 Come and find us at our booth to explore more about our award-winning products that can take away stress from managing your radio station by offering reliable technology and high-quality sound. Find out more about all of our products:

• FM transmitters
• FM translators
• FM amplifiers
• FM receivers
• Audio processors
• RDS encoders


The TR300 V2 and TR600 V2 FM Translators are set to revolutionize the LPFM market, a ‘single box’ solution that pulls in even the weakest signals and re-broadcast with amazing clarity. it’s the only single-box translator on the market, saving you $$$ on a traditional transmitter + receiver solution. it is also faster and easier to set-up, cheaper to maintain and eliminates compatibility problems. 300 and 600 watt versions available. 

The TR600 V2 is perfect for use with a 250w translator license with mixed polarization.


  • Built-in audio processing helps your station to stand out from the crowd while saving you $$$ on the need for a separate audio processor
  • Quick change parts makes previous maintenance issues a breeze to solve and keeps you on air.
  • Remote control app that’s so intuitive to use, wether you have 1 or 100 transmitters to manage you will be in complete control.

So, find us at Booth number 5C4-01 at Broadcast Asia 2016 and come to test out the translators before everyone else!



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Andy Linton joins BW

Andy Linton joins BWB as Encore Product Line Manager

UK based manufacturer BW Broadcast Ltd are delighted to announce the appointment of Andy Linton as Encore Product Line Manager

Andy Linton is a highly respected member of the Radio Broadcasting Community. He’s bringing his wealth of knowledge and expertise of radio broadcasting products including audio processors, audio levelers, re-broadcast receivers, modulation monitors, RDS encoders and audio and back up devices, to BWB.

Scott Incz, MD had this to say:

“I’ve known Andy a long time, and am delighted to have him on board. Using his vast product knowledge and feedback from customers he will ensure the Encore Range offers the customer unprecedented usability, and an individual style that sets them above all other products on the market. Because of Encore’s unique platform, it will be easy for us to continually add features, and develop new products. Andy’s on-going input will be vital.”

All these products will be being demonstrated at NAB in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks, including 2 new products, the DSPMpX Encore and the ModMon Encore. Andy will also be on the booth demonstrating just how easy these products are to set up and use.

Andy Linton says

“I’ve known many of the guys at BW for along time and have a lot of respect for their products. So when I was asked if I could add my expertise to their new range of products I didn’t hesitate. I’m really enjoying the free reign I’ve been given to make Encore ‘stand out’ from the crowd. I’m focussing on making all the products in the range have the same look and feel, to make them intuitive to use. It’s unusual to be able to work on a whole range of products at once, and I think that this is what will make the Encore Range very successful. User like familiarity, once they try an Encore product they will definitely want more!” 

BW Broadcast design and manufacture FM Radio Broadcasting products used by stations worldwide. This new range of products will complement its already highly successfully and ‘award winning’ V2 FM transmitter range, allowing BWB to become a ‘one-stop shop’ for radio broadcasters



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