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Broadcast India 2013

BW Broadcast Ltd will be exhibiting at the Broadcast India Show 2013. We will be represented by our distributor Setron India Private Ltd.

The Broadcast India Show will be held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai from 9th – 11th October. You will find the past, present and future of this industry integrated into a karmic cycle that will reveal a vision beyond imagination for things to come. You will witness companies and customers, veterans and professionals and suppliers and visionaries from the broadcast industry connecting and inter-connecting to optimize opportunities.

Make sure you have a place at the Broadcast India Show by going to the website and clicking on the Pre-Register Now button

Pre-Register Here

The show will see the demonstration of our TX1000 and TX50 FM Transmitters. As well as our range of Audio Processors, RDS Encoders and more. If you would like to see our great range of products, stop by booth B – 221 and meet the team.

BW Broadcast have recently released the new V2 range of transmitters, with Low Maintenance features such as slide-in power supplies and Gold-Clamp Transistors. Engineers at our recent exhibition in Amsterdam were very impressed with the new range and very excited with the recent update that was released, which includes the new remote interface for those who use the Ethernet interface.

If you can’t make it to the show this year then you can contact your local distributor for more information or a demonstration.



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Broadcast ONE

BW Broadcast is proud to announce that as of July 2013, Broadcast ONE have been appointed the Master Distributor for BW Broadcast in Australia. Founded in 2010, the experienced team at Broadcast ONE have built many hundreds of transmission facilities for analogue & digital radio, satellite earth stations & hubs for both commercial and defence use.

Since 2010 Broadcast ONE has quickly grown to be a respected RF supply and integration company in the Asia-Pacific region and has enjoyed recent major successes in Australia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Broadcast ONE have a long standing commitment to BW Broadcast as a highly performing distributor over their years in partnership. With the acquisition of Gencom in place and their wide Asia-Pacific spread, Broadcast ONE are well set to serve the needs of broadcasters in the region. As Master Distributor, Broadcast ONE will hold stock of BW Broadcast’s range of products and spare parts and support the efforts of other excellent re-sellers in the region.

On behalf of Broadcast ONE, Kelly John Woods (KJ), Vice President, comments;

“This announcement continues Broadcast ONE’s focus to bring “Best in Class” FM products to the Australian market and will bring clients and regional distributors alike, fast, first class local support for the BW Broadcast product range. As part of this commitment we are excited to be showing the new BW Broadcast V2 transmitter platform, DSPXtra FM audio processor, RDS2+ RDS encoder and industry leading RBRX1 DSP FM Receiver at the upcoming SMPTE show.”

Scott Incz, Managing Director of BW Broadcast reflects;

“We welcome the new role of Broadcast ONE as Master Distributor and look forward to working together in serving Australian broadcasters with the latest technology in our product ranges.”

If you would like to visit Broadcast ONE at the SMPTE Show, they will be exhibiting in the Sydney Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour between 23rd and 26th July. They will be showcasing BW Broadcast’s new range of FM Transmitters; The V2 range was an award winner at the NAB show in April, proved great success at BCA in June and will be demonstrated at IBC in September.

For more information regarding any of our product range contact your local dealer by visiting our Dealer Map below.

Dealer Map




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Future of FM Processing

We grabbed Scott Incz, BW Broadcast CEO and lead designer of the DSPX processor range to hear his thoughts on how the processing landscape will change over the coming years.

In the big scheme of radio broadcast audio processing, what’s the next frontier?

I believe that the next technological frontier that broadcast processing faces is in the delivery medium to the listener. With the rising popularity of on-demand services, I see the challenge is for audio processing to make use of future client hardware platforms to deliver the quality of today’s broadcast processing on mobile and utility devices. This is about optimizing processing and developing even more efficient algorithms that can run on low cost mobile and low cost utility devices.

I think a lot of the drive for loudness has come from listening to the radio in an automobile. Dealing with high noise environments that require audio with a low dynamic range but allowing people in a better listening environment to enjoy a higher fidelity version of the audio is an interesting challenge.

How has streaming changed the landscape; and what is BW Broadcast’s response?

The potentially massive audience provided by online streaming has resulted in it being so popular for broadcasters. The level of competition is also huge so it’s going to be hard to get a large audience; therefore the budget for streaming audio processing is usually much lower. BW Broadcast understood this decade ago and started adding value to their products by adding full bandwidth secondary outputs to its FM and AM processors that are optimized for streaming and digital radio. This has allowed radio stations to not only get a better return on investment from their audio processors but to sound great both on conventional radio and online. BW Broadcast recognizes and appreciates the impact of processing on codec technology and vice versa, and has multiple processing products that contribute to making streaming radio stations sound great – in fact, any digital station sound great, IP based or with data over an RF carrier like HD or DAB.

I personally believe that some audio processing will be in the client to give the listener more control of the sound and the environmental effects on the sound. It won’t be long before we will be designing client based audio processing for translucent touch screen shower cubicle speaker doors to cancel out the water noise.

Some audio processing is always required for radio and in the short term the requirement for audio processing won’t go away. In the future I think that an unobtrusive smart multiband device like the Ariane AGC leveler is the best way forward for radio stations, and then give the control to the listener in the client device.

What is your latest audio processor introduction?

At NAB 2013 we revealed our new V2 FM transmitter range, for which we won an industry award at the show. Among the features that engineers loved was the inclusion of an embedded DSPX family 4-band audio processor, from which users can adjust from the front panel and the remote control interfaces.

Never has such a powerful processor been included as standard with an FM transmitter, and never has an FM transmitter sounded so fantastic out of the box.

Although it is not strictly a new processor from a technical perspective, the Ariane Sequel AGC leveler is now being manufactured under the BW Broadcast label since we took over the rights to it earlier in the year from TranLanTech.

DSPX-FM Audio Processor

For the full interview with Scott, download the new Radio World e-Book ‘What’s New in Audio Processing?’:

Download e-book Now




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Register For Free at IBC

BW Broadcast Ltd will be attending the International Broadcasters Convention in Amsterdam. It is held at the RAI Exhibition and Congress Centre between 13th and 17th September.

IBC is the premier annual event for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content worldwide. It combines a highly respected and peer-reviewed conference with an exhibition that exhibits more than 1400 leading suppliers of state of the art electronic media technology and provides unrivalled networking opportunities.

BW Broadcast will continue their success of showcasing the award-winning new range of V2 FM Transmitters. With simple maintenance features such as slide-in power supplies and Gold-Clamp transistors the range has been very popular with engineers. See for your self why V2 transmitters are so popular on booth E74 in Hall 8.  Also on show will be other BW Broadcast ranges including Audio Processors, FM Receivers, RDS Encoders and more.

Don’t miss out on meeting the team and being involved in this inspirational global gathering of innovation and talent. Using the code 11752 you can register for the show for Free!

Register for Free

If you can’t wait until September then you can check out the new range of FM Transmitters and contact your local dealer to buy one now.



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WURD Checks Out DSPXmini

“Audio processing is a very personal art – often what sounds good to one person will make another cringe. But at its base, broadcast processing is about producing a tight but clean audio package”.

DSPXmini-AM is just the ticket for WURD

A Station in Need

Dana Puopolo - Chief Engineer

Dana Puopolo, Chief Engineer at WURD not only found a processor that does the job, but one that is easy on the budget too. WURD Radio in Philadelphia is locally owned and operated and features a variety format based on talk but also running block and music programs. Dana found that the station radio, though very loud, sounded thin and quite distorted.

“Initially I suspected the old audio processor as the problem, some major problems with the 15 kHz analog audio line did not help. Once we dealt with the program lines the sound became quite a bit better, but just not right”.

After speaking with a friend I met at NAB, he suggested I try his new AM Audio Processor, the DSPXmini-AM. I told him that I had only a limited amount of money and a lot of projects pending, but when he told me the list price, my curiosity was aroused. How good can a processor this cheap sound?

A Very Quick Install

When the demonstration unit arrived, I immediately put it on line. The setup was quick and easy. Once the DSPXmini-AM was operating (Which took a total of about 10 minutes from opening the box to getting it in the rack and ready to listen), I went out to the car and checked it out. I could not believe what I was hearing; the station truly had been transformed. The audio was loud – very loud – but was not distorted at all. There was no apparent pumping of any other artefacts, just very loud and incredibly clean signal. That includes the low end. There was a lot of very clean bass.

Running well with the Specifics

My little 1kW station now is about 4 dB louder than the class A 50kW stations here in Philly. No one can touch it either in loudness or quality. The DSPXmini-AM also increased the station’s range by over 20 miles. Every staff member can hear improvement over the old processor, as can many local engineers. Now to some specifics: the basic processor is comprised of a 40band AGC followed by a 4-band peak limiter followed by an output filter.

Four bands are ideal for AM where most energy is under 5 kHz. The presents are a good start – none of them will make your station sound bad. There are also 8 memories to store your own presets, and a real time clock to allow you to day part you’re processing. The DSPXmini-AM also features peak clipper that has a ‘finesse’ control that allows for the dynamic control of the clip depth – something I have never seen before on such a value processor.

Fine Tuning

The four-line alphanumeric DSPXmini-AM display tells you all that you need to know about what is going on under the hood. It can also be connected to the internet and controlled remotely with a computer.

The software comes with the processor. The DSPXmini-AM is a stereo unit, although for this particular installation station I only needed one channel. All the connections are via XLR connectors or the RJ45 plug. This is truly a breakthrough product. There is nothing under $2500 that can touch it. It is 100% digital, stable as a rock and sounds great. What have you got to lose, except your bad on air audio?

Check out our latest range of Audio Processors and contact your local dealer to get yours today.



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Broadcast Asia 2013

See us at Booth 5C4-01 – With the NAB show in Las Vegas finished, we now look forward to June and the Broadcast Asia Conference in Singapore.

The show will take place in Marina Bay Sands 18th – 21st June. It serves as the regional launch pad for the latest and most wide-ranging technologies – which is why BW Broadcast is delighted to be show casing the next generation of FM transmitters.

Broadcast Asia International Conference and Creative Content Production Conference bring together industry experts and thought leaders in the broadcasting industries to highlight business strategies for future broadcasting and content production. Broadcast Asia’s 4 day programme promises to deliver an immersible networking and trade experience for relevant professionals.

If you are going to be at the Broadcast Asia show, then stop by our booth where you will be able to see us demonstrating the great features of the V2 range. Including ‘Gold Clamp’ transistors and slide in power supplies making it the most reliable and easily maintained transmitter possible. We will also be displaying our Audio Processors for AM, FM and HD.

Join leading exhibitors, industry experts, opinion makers, top executives, key buyers and influencers as they gather to witness the trends and opportunities in this dynamic industry.

Keep checking back to see more news and updates about our products and the show.

Register Here for the show




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NAB For Free

Here at BW Broadcast, we have been busy preparing for the upcoming National Association of Broadcasters convention (NAB) in Las Vegas. The show runs from April 6th-11th at the Las Vegas Convention Centre (LVCC). Lucky visitors of NAB ‘13 will be the first to see the new range and learn how it will benefit their station at the BW Broadcast booth C3322.  if you are attending NAB come along to our drinks reception at 4PM on Tuesday.

Our crate containing lots of exciting new products, booth equipment and giveaways is on route to the LVCC already, taking the scenic route across the pond in preparation for the show. This year we have some extra special news to share come April 6th so make sure you stop by the booth and find out what our innovation centre has created. We cannot wait to see you on the booth.

Check out our new V2 Transmitter!


We will be posting more updates on our part in the show shortly, so keep checking back. You can also check out the NAB website for more information on the show. See you there in April!


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BES Expo 2013

We start the year off by welcoming you to New Delhi in India, between the 29th and 31st January.

BW Broadcast and Setron India Private Ltd, will be exhibiting at the International Conference and Exhibition.

Setron provides complete end-to-end total solutions to Pro-Audio, Video and Broadcast Industry. The Company is one of the leading Importers / Distributors of Broadcast & Pro-Audio equipment. They represent several leading International manufacturers in India.

The Broadcast Engineering Society exhibition will be held at the Pragati Maidan Venue, which is India’s biggest exhibition center and the theme will be – Convergence and New Broadcasting Technologies.

The Expo is expected to be visited by nearly 4,000 engineers, managers, cinematographers, consultants, entrepreneurs and policy and decision-makers from Radio and TV broadcasting organisations as well as studio and post-production units in India, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Visit to the exhibition by
delegates attending the conference has always been a feature of the exhibition.

If you are visiting, come and stop by to say hi, we would love to show you some of our products.




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A year closes, 2013 begins.

As BW Broadcast close the doors for 2012 we are looking forward to the New Year. We are not only developing our products but our team as well. With recent employees already settling into their roles and new employees starting in the new year, there is much excitement throughout the team here.

With plans already underway for NAB 2013 in April, we take a look back at some of the Exhibitions we attended in 2012 with this short video.

With the Marketing team growing and creativity buzzing in the air, be sure to see more videos and photos of what we get up to throughout the year. So check back here regularly to see what Exhibitions we will be visiting, new products on the horizon and new team members being welcomed into this unique and diverse company.

We would like to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and leave you with this Christmas video from some of our staff.



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Happy Birthday BBC Radio

When the first BBC transmitter, known as 2LO, crackled into life on November 14th 1922 few could have guessed the impact that radio would have on our world. A few thousand enthusiasts, listening by headphones to primitive crystal radio sets, heard a news bulletin read by Arthur Burrows, the director of programmes of the newly formed British Broadcasting Company (as it was known then).

To mark the 90th anniversary the BBC is going to bring together over 55 stations, for a single remarkable moment – a three minute piece of history broadcast simultaneously around the UK and the world at 5.33pm, this will be the first simultaneous broadcast since 1922.

The broadcast ‘2LO Calling’ was composed by Blur front man Damon Albarn and is a snapshot of the airwaves featuring iconic sounds such as Bertrand Russell in Morse code and the first ever radio broadcast.

Simon Mayo will be helping to celebrate by presenting his drive time show starting at 5PM on BBC Radio 2 from the Science Museum, which houses a display featuring part of the original 2LO transmitter.

Radio Reunited is just one of a series of on-air events to mark 90 years of BBC Radio, which will also feature a wide range of special programming across BBC stations. You can find out more by going to the BBC website.

So what does radio mean to you and what is your best broadcasting moment?

Marilyn Monroe, when talking about a calendar shoot, said: “It’s not true I had nothing on; I had the radio on,” she made an accidentally brilliant observation about the hugeness of the medium. It’s available everywhere, all the time, unseen and often overlooked. Sometimes it’s wallpaper. Sometimes it’s the most important thing in the room. It does everything any other medium does, only better – and you don’t have to stop ironing to enjoy it…



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