Are you at risk of hackers?

When purchasing any new broadcasting equipment one of the first things you must do is change the password. Using equipment with default passwords leaves your station open to the risk of hackers, and could allow anyone who knows the default password to log into your equipment remotely and take control of your broadcast

In April 2016, a Texas-based country music radio station KXAX FM became a victim of hackers, who hijacked the station for 90 minutes replacing their regular pop music with an adult-themed podcast. In this case, the radio hacker built a database of unsecured Barix devices and then broke into as many devices as possible and locked out the radio engineers from the units. Read more about it here.

Following the incident, The Michigan Association of Broadcasters published an advisory for all stations to secure their units with strong passwords. We urge all our customers to do the same in order to avoid any similar incidents and secure their radio station.

Set up your new password in seconds

This video shows you how quick and simple changing the password on BW Broadcast equipment is. In less than 30 seconds you can ensure your equipment is protected against any malicious activity. Our passwords are extremely secure and can be up to 15 characters long. We recommend using a combination of upper and lowercase characters as well as numbers for a strong and more secure password.

If you need any help contact our technical support team or have a look at the individual product’s appropriate manual from our downloads section.



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