Web Interface Proves Vital

“I felt like Linus with his need for a security blanket (Charley Brown) when wondering how we were going to technically track the condition of our broadcast outreach some 60 miles distant from our offices”.

I am Harlan Reinders, engineer and manager at WHEM radio in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Our main signal covers Eau Claire and surrounding cities in the beautiful Chippewa Valley. We are a Christian station that believes the ‘Good News” should have a good sound! This has been achieved with our new transmitter in Ladysmith, Wisconsin.

The TX600 V2 FM Transmitter is part of a broadcast system installed some 60 miles distant from the point of program origination; consequently we needed to be able to monitor the condition of the transmitter.

The TX600 V2 allows us to observe, via the built in internet web interface, a number of key parameters. At our finger tips we can know the frequency, forward power, reverse power as well as the condition of the program audio. These are just a few of the parameters that can be monitored via computer or even a smart phone.

The audio processing is great! It allows simple configuration and gives us a sound as good as, or better than any other signals in the market. It is, in my opinion, second to none! Interestingly, even though price was the primary reason for purchasing a BW Broadcast TX600 transmitter from SCMS, in North Carolina, we soon realized that it was the transmitter’s internet web interface that was found to be most important.

The TX600’s web interface gave us the peace of mind of knowing that 24/7, not only whether the transmitter is functioning okay, but also as to the audio levels of the programming. In addition the web interface provides the capability to send out e-mail alarms when needed.

The transmitter is rock solid and has been humming along with no problems since we installed it. We could have purchased a more expensive transmitter, but not a better one. I’m not sure if it is a surprise, but the reliability of the TX600 is very much appreciated. We have used a TX600 for more than 6-months, without a moment of being off the air. We have just finished one of the more harsh winters we have experienced in a number of years. The TX600 had no problems in a room where the temperatures were sub-zero, at times; causing failures in other equipment that was a part of the transmission system.

It is imperative that we have this kind of reliability because the community, where the TX600 is located, is far from our main broadcast facility.

I have no reservations in recommending this transmitter!

Try out the Web Remote Interface for yourself to see what it can do for your station.

Try it Now!




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Encore wins Best Of Show

BW Broadcast had a very successful show this year at the NAB show in April. With the release of their new range of products across the Encore platform, their booth was busier than ever!

Customers loved the new features of the RBRX Encore, such as 2 DSP tuners that now offer full diversity on both antennas and the AM reception now included as standard. It was these features and many more that saw the RBRX Encore win TWO Best of Show awards from Radio World and Radio Magazine.

The Vertus Encore AM/FM Translator also won a Best of Show award from Radio Magazine for its ground breaking features which offer a solution for translator sites with quality sound, reliability and easy of use; all in one economical box!

NewBay Media’s Best of Show Awards are evaluated by a panel of engineers and industry experts, and are selected based on innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance in serving the industry. Radio Magazine is the radio broadcast technology leader that covers the technology of radio broadcasting for engineers and managers. Radio World is the industry newspaper for people who manage and operate radio stations, networks and and new media organisations, helping them navigate the new multi-platform world of radio.

“We are enormously proud of our Best of Show recipients,” says NewBay Media Broadcast & Video Group Vice President & Group Publisher Eric Trabb. “Recognition with an award at the NAB Show from NewBay Media’s Broadcast & Video Group is a strong vote of confidence and admiration from our leading industry publications.”

Contact the sales team or your local dealer if you would like to find out more about the new range of products or you can read more on our news pages.

Because the NAB show was such an achievement for everyone at BW Broadcast including their network or dealers and customers, we are looking forward to the rest of the year, not only the many exhibitions we have planned but also the customer visits we are planning to make in many countries around the world. If you would like us to visit you on our travels, then contact Neal today to see when we will be in a town near you!




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BCA 2014

BW Broadcast will be attending the Broadcast Asia show in Singapore. The show will be held at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel between 17th and 20th June. We will be joined by our distributor of the region; GBS Alliance PTE on Stand 5C4-01.

BroadcastAsia2014 continues to serve as the region’s leading platform for the broadcasting and entertainment industry and will attract over 700 key industry decision makers and professionals to network, exchange business ideas, gather market information and source for the latest products and solutions.

This year saw the release of the NEW Encore range of BW Broadcast products at the NAB show in Las Vegas. We will be revealing them to the Asian market for the first time at the Broadcast Asia show. We will be exhibiting the new Ariane Encore, the RBRX Encore, the Encore FM Transmitters and the Vertus AM/FM Translator.

The Vertus is the only ‘single box’ AM and FM ‘Gap Filler’ solution. It combines the ground breaking features from our transmitter range with the world’s best re-broadcast receiver. Check out all the details of our new range on our news pages.

With more products like this on offer this year, we really don’t want you to miss out. So make sure you register below for the show… It’s FREE!

Register For Free

If you would like some information on any of our products before the show or would like to arrange a meeting with one of the team then contact us or your local dealer for more.



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RBRX Encore

W Broadcast RBRX Encore, to be shown at NAB 2014 for the first time, is the latest incarnation of this iconic rebroadcast receiver. With its predecessor, the RBRX1, previously winning a radio world NAB cool stuff award – the latest version of this benchmark product has a lot to live up to.

What makes it so special?

Improving on the RBRX1, voted the ‘world’s best’ FM re-broadcast receiver was not an easy task. Through continued integration of the SONY’s patented noise reduction technology and advances in BW Broadcast’s audio processing the RBRX Encore delivers FM stereo separation that will have listeners raving.

If that wasn’t enough – BW Broadcast has added a second DSP tuner to the unit, offering full diversity reception from its two antenna inputs. We have also added options for HD, AM, DAB and DAB+ reception – making the RBRX Encore the only full complete analogue and digital professional multi-standard rebroadcast receiver and tuner on the market.

Audio like never before

The sound is cleaner than ever before due to further enhancements to the built in DSPX audio limiter and stereo generator. The RDS Encoder capabilities have increased so now there is more monitor and decode facilities for those that wish to use it as an analyser or monitor. The demodulated audio can also be streamed over IP to remote locations which are invaluable for radio engineers who are out of the coverage zone but want to make adjustments or listen to the unit’s reception.

Peace of mind for station owners and engineers has been increased through upgraded audio backup facilities. The audio can now be stored as MP3 and AAC files on both the internal memory and external USB sticks. The RBRX Encore also supports decoding of audio over IP streams for backup purposes.

Future Proof Engineering

We know that engineers expect more from their hardware investments these days. The RBRX Encore has been built on BW Broadcast’s new Encore platform which takes it far beyond being just a tuner. It’s an audio switcher, a stereo generator, an RDS encoder, an audio backup device, a remote control, a monitoring solution and so much more. The RBRX Encore supports SNMP, Telnet, Serial, HTTP API and a fully HTML5 web remote that is fully Mobile optimised and compatible. It even supports BW Broadcast’s Virtual rack portal which removes the need for router configuration or port forwards.

Features and benefits overview

  • 2 DSP tuners now offer full diversity reception from both antenna inputs.
  • Now includes AM reception as standard.
  • The only truly analogue and digital rebroadcast receiver on the market offering HD, DAB & DAB+ options.
  • Increased RDS Encoder capabilities with more monitor and decode facilities if you wish to use it as an analyser or monitor.
  • Stream demodulated audio over IP so you can listen and make adjustments even when you’re out of the coverage zone.
  • Enhanced DSP audio limiter & stereo generator for even clearer sound quality.
  • Upgraded audio backup facilities – MP3 & AAC files can be stored on internal or external USB sticks.

BW Broadcast set the standard for Re-broadcast receivers in 2010, it has done it again in 2014.

Contact us to find out more



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Ariane Encore

The Ariane Encore Audio Leveler is as close to a trained mastering engineer on a fader as you are going to get, delivering dynamic range control that is inaudible. You can trust it to pre-process and add life to legacy processors and web streams, or you can sit back and let it unobtrusively protect STL links and satellite feeds.

How do you improve on perfection?

You struggle! Our engineers took some of the most challenging programme material and reworked the back-end processing code to take the new Ariane to a higher altitude of audio processing. Its pioneering window-gating freezes the processing when the audio dynamics are within a certain range. Combined with a carefully chosen multi-band topology that puts equal energy into each of its bands for a uniquely natural sound, the Ariane Encore continues to deliver ‘only when needed’ dynamic range control that is known worldwide for being inaudible. Should the user want it, its matrix sum and difference mode can inject life back into programme material, whilst taking care to not over process the sound. Known as the ‘Compeller’ on steroids, the Ariane is as close to a trained mastering engineer on a fader as you are going to get. You can trust it to pre-process and add life to legacy processors or web streams, or you can sit back and let it unobtrusively protect STL links and satellite feeds.

What do you expect?

We know that engineers expect more from their hardware investments these days. The new Ariane is not just super sexy – it’s also future proofed. It’s been built on BW Broadcast’s new Encore platform, taking this double award winning utility processor to new heights. It’s an audio switcher, an audio backup device, a remote control and monitoring solution and so much more.

Features and Benefits

  • Sound great out of the box – With the flexibility to customise your sound easily with the factory and user presets that can be controlled locally and remotely.
  • Retain Legacy features – Such as with Stereo, Matrix (sum and difference) and dual mono modes, front panel bypass buttons and power loss relays for the audio.
  • Never have dead Air – With Plan B audio backup from the internal memory card, external USB keys and Shoutcast internet streams. There are even audio fall-back switching options for the analogue audio and AES/EBU digital audio inputs.
  • Never not be in charge – Stay in control from anywhere with any device, with mobile device aware HTML5 browser remote control and monitoring which fully supports the IPhone.
  • Never not know – Stay in the know with event logging and notifications by email, SNMP, to local memory and more.
  • Set and forget - 1 minute remote control setup using BW Broadcast’s virtual portal functionality which removes the need for router configuration and port forwards. VRP supports remote control of 1-1000 BW broadcast products from one web login. No gateways, IPs or ports to remember.
  • Works with what you have now – Slots effortlessly into your broadcast infrastructure with software configurable alarms and triggers which open up endless remote control and telemetry possibilities.

It’s been eight years since BW Broadcast’s Scott Incz took former chief engineer of Z100’s David Reaves original analogue Ariane product and created the Ariane sequel digital leveller for David’s then company Translantech. Although BW Broadcast have been the designers and manufacturers of the sequel since 2005, 2013 saw them take ownership of the Ariane brand completely. The Ariane Encore will be the first Ariane manufactured with BW broadcast’s colours and livery.

Contact us now to find out more.



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Vertus AM/FM Translator

The Vertus Encore AM/FM translator combines the ground breaking features from our transmitter range with the world’s BEST re-broadcast receiver. No one else can offer a solution for translator sites that can rival Vertus’s sound quality, reliability and ease of use all in one economical box!

Features and benefits overview

  • Use it to translate AM to FM as well as FM to FM.
  • Save money, this ‘one box solution’ includes integrated processing, RDS and telemetry.
  • Reduce stress by simplifying your broadcast chain and ending compatibility problems.
  • DSP processing AM to FM rebroadcast for unprecedented AM sound enhancement.
  • Designed for the translator market with all the features you’ll ever need.
  • Quick change parts make onsite maintenance a breeze!
  • Diagnostic logging, emails and alerts and audio back up facilities give you total peace of mind.

Pulls in distant stations and re-broadcasts them with amazing clarity!

The adaptive IF DSP filtering, first debuted in the BW Broadcast award winning RBRX1, is able to pull in distant stations and have rebroadcasts sounding clearer and cleaner than any other solution current available. Digitally demodulating, enhancing in DSP and re-modulating with direct to channel digital modulation has significant noise reduction benefits. Like the RBRX1, the Vertus employs patented stereo enhancing noise reduction for outstanding stereo separation, even under very difficult conditions. The highly selective receiver has no problem with pulling in weak and distant stations, even when on a transmitter site with high levels of RF. The dual antenna inputs provide additional benefits by reducing multipath to even lower levels than can be achieved with a single antenna receiver.

In addition to the dual FM reception capability, the Vertus can also receive and translate AM Radio Stations.  The DSP enhanced processing inside the Vertus includes audio frequency enhancement for AM to FM rebroadcasts, increasing the bandwidth and quality of the AM broadcasts that are being translated to FM. For the first time ever, AM can sound better than AM in a similar way to spectral band replication can enhance low bit rate audio streams.

Translates from AM to FM as well as FM to FM

Built upon the Encore FM transmitter platform, the Vertus can also function as a standalone direct to channel DDS FM transmitter, or switch to standalone mode should a rebroadcast signal fail. The audio backup facilities of the Vertus include fall-back to FM, or AM frequencies or vice versa, in addition to the Encore platform powered mp3 and Shoutcast stream back up options.

A GPS sync option is provided for Single Frequency Network applications, and RDS can be translated or locally adjusted to suit the requirements of the gap filler / translator. Full anti-hijack facilities are included as standard.

‘One box solution’ saves you money and stress

Through the integration of several pieces of broadcast equipment into one box, you save considerable sums of money. Integrated processing, RDS, telemetry significantly reduces the complexity of your broadcast air chain, and increases performance at the same time.

Vertus gives you 100% peace of mind

Peace of mind is critical to radio station owners and their engineers. That’s why all BW transmission products have slide in and quick change parts. There’s diagnostic logging, alarms and email alerts to keep you informed. The DDS exciter, audio processing and audio backup facilities keep your signal clean and compliant, and more importantly on the air should you lose your main audio programme feed. You can even plug in a spare power supply into a redundancy power supply slot in the translator.

Contact us now to find out more.



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NAB 2014

BW Broadcast will again be attending The National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas. The show will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Centre in Nevada between 7th and 10th April. We will be joined by our Master Distributor in the US, SCMS Inc and will be on Booth C1336 in the Central Hall.

The NAB show offers broadcasters the opportunity to network with colleagues, explore new technologies, discuss innovative strategies to build stronger businesses and address important broadcasting issues. Industry experts all come together for creative inspiration to help bring new life into their content: Broadcast, Telecom, Education, Houses of Worship, Advertising, Military/Government, security, sports and more.

Last year BW Broadcast released their new range of V2 Transmitters, this year will be back again with the latest updates which includes some great new features such as built in RF power scheduler that can help lower your station costs to an improved alarms and trigger interface allowing easier interface to a third party remote control. We will also have a few new surprises on the booth this year, so make sure you stop by to be the first in the know about our new product innovation.

Customers love our audio processor range because we have a model to suit every station’s needs, budget and sound aspirations. Stop by our booth to find yours as well as check out the latest innovations and new models.

For the complete solution, stop by our booth to take a demonstration of the Ariane 3 Audio Leveler which can be used for pre-processing Radio or TV program Audio to get a more controlled but open On-Air signal or in production and dubbing to create audio consistency.

Make sure you register for the show and use our Free Guest Pass LV8742 to get in for free.

Register Here

Contact us now to arrange a meeting during the show where you can put your questions to the team and get a comprehensive demonstration of all our products. Look forward to seeing you there!



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NRB 2014

Network. Discover. Advance…

This February BW Broadcast will be at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville, TN. Neal Helly will be joined by our Master distributor in the USA – SCMS Inc.

The NRB convention will take place between the 22nd and 25th February and is being held in the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center. The event will network thousands of Christian communicators, from program producers to authors, pastors to engineers and directors to vendors. The convention is only half the attraction; the exposition has over 200 companies in the bustling booths with products and services to expand and enhance your organisation.

For the first time at the NRB Convention, we will be exhibiting the latest range in FM Transmitters from BW Broadcast. The V2 transmitters, were released in April 2013 at the NAB show in Las Vegas where it won a Pick Hit award for it’s innovative new features including Slide-In Power supplies and Gold-Clamp Transistors, making it the most reliable and easy to use transmitter on the market.

We are hoping NRB will be even more successful this year with the latest LPFM filing window opened from the FCC. We will have on show the TX300 V2 which has been specifically designed for LPFM. With built in multiband audio processing, it gives glorious sound quality without the need for a separate audio processor, while the 15 factory presets ensure you’ll find the exact sound you require. In this competetive LPFM market, the TX300 V2 superb reliability and easy maintenance features will give you the edge on your competition which could be crucial to your stations success.

Come and visit us on Booth 903 and see a demonstration of the TX300 V2 or you can click below and take a tour of the online user interface.


If you are going to the NRB convention then contact Neal to arrange a meeting with him and discuss how we can help your station stand out on the air.



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V2 Transmitter Firmware Update

BW Broadcast have just released new firmware for their incredibly popular V2 Transmitter Range, further enhancing SNMP capability.

SNMP Support allows for more detailed monitoring in real-time over IP.

So, should you be informed of any abnormality in your transmission, whatever time of day or night (and lets face it – it’s usually night!) you can go back to that exact point and have a clear understanding of what is going on with your broadcast.

This will give you the opportunity to diagnose and fix potential problems before they get a chance to cause you major stress, helping you to stay on top of your broadcast.

When you add that to the already impressive list of maintenance saving features that the V2 range has, you can see why it’s so popular.

‘Dual slide-in power supplies’ will keep you on air even in the event of power surges or lightening strikes, switching from one power supply to the other to keep you on air. Power supplies simply slide

in and out from the back, taking seconds to replace, and requiring no tools or training.

‘Gold clamp’ transistors can be changed in minutes using just a screwdriver, massively reducing the time and hassle involved in getting back on air.


An intuitive Remote Control App so you to make changes to your settings from wherever you are.

BW Broadcast are constantly updating products to improve reliability, performance, and to take the stress out of managing your radio station equipment –what’s even better, they’re always FREE!

Additionally you will find the new firmware update includes

  • Stealth Screen Saver
  • RF Mute mode to Triggers

This V1.5.2  firmware update is available now by clicking on the link below: Further details of what’s included in this update are contained in the download zip.

TX V2 Upgrade

We have even more cool features coming in the next release. Make sure your product is registered here to receive the update as soon as it has been released.

You can also contact us or your local dealer for a more comprehensive overview or demonstration of the new range.



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V2 TX V1.5 Update

BW Broadcast has just released another update for their latest V2 transmitter range.

It’s now even easier to interface your transmitter to third party remote control and telemetry systems through our overhauled alarms and trigger interface. For the first time you can now assign analogue output voltages to back panel pins, set to a whole host of user adjustable transmitter parameters and readings, including forward power and modulation levels.

The V2 series of transmitters continue to set standards for ease of use. The user interface has been enhanced, with even more context sensitive displays than before. For example, if you’re adjusting RF power, the reverse power gets displayed at the same time without you having to think – perfect for monitoring the VSWR of your antenna system.

You can now lower your electric costs with our built in RF power scheduler. This innovative feature enables the RF power to lower during the night or at hours of your choosing to reduce electric costs. We don’t recommend using this feature to boost your transmitter past it’s licensed power level at certain times – that would be plain naughty.

We know how important connectivity and monitoring of your transmitter is to you. After numerous requests, our engineers have worked long and hard to bring an Apple IPhone optimised version of our HTML5 web remote control interface. Setup, control and monitoring via your phone is even easier with the slick new interface for mobile devices.

In addition, we’ve added a whole host of behind the scenes improvements to increase performance and stability. This latest release really is a must have install for any V2 owner or operator. Installing it is effortless and can be done in minutes, even remotely via web browser over the internet.

This V1.5 firmware update is available now by clicking on the link below:

Get the Update here!


We have even more cool features coming in the next release. Make sure your product is registered here to receive the update as soon as it has been released.

You can also contact us or your local dealer for a more comprehensive overview or demonstration of the new range.



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