Web Interface Proves Vital

“I felt like Linus with his need for a security blanket (Charley Brown) when wondering how we were going to technically track the condition of our broadcast outreach some 60 miles distant from our offices”.

I am Harlan Reinders, engineer and manager at WHEM radio in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Our main signal covers Eau Claire and surrounding cities in the beautiful Chippewa Valley. We are a Christian station that believes the ‘Good News” should have a good sound! This has been achieved with our new transmitter in Ladysmith, Wisconsin.

The TX600 V2 FM Transmitter is part of a broadcast system installed some 60 miles distant from the point of program origination; consequently we needed to be able to monitor the condition of the transmitter.

The TX600 V2 allows us to observe, via the built in internet web interface, a number of key parameters. At our finger tips we can know the frequency, forward power, reverse power as well as the condition of the program audio. These are just a few of the parameters that can be monitored via computer or even a smart phone.

The audio processing is great! It allows simple configuration and gives us a sound as good as, or better than any other signals in the market. It is, in my opinion, second to none! Interestingly, even though price was the primary reason for purchasing a BW Broadcast TX600 transmitter from SCMS, in North Carolina, we soon realized that it was the transmitter’s internet web interface that was found to be most important.

The TX600’s web interface gave us the peace of mind of knowing that 24/7, not only whether the transmitter is functioning okay, but also as to the audio levels of the programming. In addition the web interface provides the capability to send out e-mail alarms when needed.

The transmitter is rock solid and has been humming along with no problems since we installed it. We could have purchased a more expensive transmitter, but not a better one. I’m not sure if it is a surprise, but the reliability of the TX600 is very much appreciated. We have used a TX600 for more than 6-months, without a moment of being off the air. We have just finished one of the more harsh winters we have experienced in a number of years. The TX600 had no problems in a room where the temperatures were sub-zero, at times; causing failures in other equipment that was a part of the transmission system.

It is imperative that we have this kind of reliability because the community, where the TX600 is located, is far from our main broadcast facility.

I have no reservations in recommending this transmitter!

Try out the Web Remote Interface for yourself to see what it can do for your station.

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