Salon de la Radio 2015

BW Broadcast will be exhibiting at the Salon de la Radio Show, for the first time in 2015. We will be joining our French Distributor PHF COM at the Au Centre Etoile Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris. The show is being held between 8th and 10th February and we will be on Stand 41. 

In 3 days you will be immersed in a show full of new techniques and technologies in image and sound and all the equipment and services dedicated to radio stations.

The Salon de la Radio show offers trade visitors over 40 workshops, 10 conferences and debates and an Exhibition hall on all aspects of radio and its peripherals. It is a chance to meet with equipment managers, companies, consultants, service providers, distributors and any products or services in the areas of the radio industry.

At the show we will have our wide range of products on show including the fully featured V2 FM Transmitter and our range of 4-6 band Audio Processors. As well as the award winning RBRX1 FM re-broadcast receiver.

So whether you are looking for that perfect FM Transmitter, you need a great quality Audio Processor to make your station sound great or you want to install an RDS Encoder to generate revenue, we have it all no matter what your budget!

Stop by and see us on Stand 41, to see what we can do to help you.

Registration is free to all professionals – so register for the event today.

Register Here




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Improving Drive-in Sound

Sound is increasingly becoming a major part of the cinema experience, if drive-in theaters don’t want to lose customers to the ever increasing number of multiplexes popping up all over the place, sound is something they need to take seriously.

Improve your drive-in movie theater’s sound quality by installing a BW Broadcast FM Transmitter.

Over the last decade the use of 35mm and 70mm film has all but disappeared in favor of digital projection. Drive-in theaters have benefited from this advance in technology and can now offer their customers dramatically improved image quality and brightness. The number of drive-in theaters has actually increased in recent years, whilst others have been expanding. It proves that the drive-in theater business can grow and prosper, but they need to move with the times, and sound quality is going to be a major part of that.

The typical drive-in broadcasts the film soundtrack over low-power FM. Many use Part 15 FM transmitters, which are widely available, and offer a cost effective solution compared with the professional transmitters available to them. But these transmitters were designed for re-broadcasting around the home or hobbiest and don’t offer the sound quality that todays discerning movie-goer expects.

West Wind Drive-Ins (the largest chain of drive-in cinemas in the U.S.) made the decision to convert all 34 screens to digital projection, they took the opportunity to upgrade all of the sound systems too.

Chris Markiewicz, Projection and Sound Technician, West Wind Drive-Ins, says:

“We have equipped all of our screens with BW Broadcast TX5 V2 transmitters. They can easily be adjusted from practically nothing, all the way to 5 watts from the front panel, this means we can turn the power up and down, enabling us to achieve exactly the right coverage for each site. They broadcast through tuned ¼ -wave ground plane antennas mounted to masts on the roofs of the projection buildings. Output of the transmitters is adjusted for a clean signal on the drive-in fields.

The digital sound systems work as follows: The sound is output from the projector as a 5.1 LPCM bitstream. It goes to the audio rack where it is converted to analog  5.1 audio via a D/A converter. It then goes through an automated mixdown to 2.0 stereo. The next step is a line-level mixer to allow for level control and EQ if needed. The signal then feeds the transmitter and antenna.

Using the BW Broadcast transmitters results in sound that is equal in quality to the local FM commercial stations. The transmitters have built-in audio processing so the sound quality is first class,  there is no hum or background noise, and frequency response is good out to 15kHz. This represents a quantum leap over the sound we experienced with our older transmitters, all of which were far more expensive to purchase.

The rest of the digital projection systems consist of Barco DP2K-32B projectors, the brightest on the market at 31,000 lumens, and Doremi ShowVault servers that play back the digital content. All in all, we believe that West Wind Drive-Ins provide the best in digital projection and sound to our customers in California, Nevada and Arizona.”

Not many drive-in operators know that they can change the format of the audio processing to suit the audio style of the film with the TX5. Dialogue heavy films can use talk audio processing while music heavy films can have the music sound dynamic with a pop music style preset, just like it would be on the radio. Changing the sound of the transmission to suit the film takes seconds, and can be done remotely through a web browser if required.

Jennifer Sherer, CEO of Drive-On-In Inc, says:

“For me, the drive-in conjures up images like ones in Happy Days. As our world becomes more hectic and less safe, the more the drive-in becomes a wholesome retreat from it.”

But staying afloat in a niche market is no easy ride for business owners. Operators who survived the difficult years are re-investing in multiple screens and modern FM radio sound to attract new punters.

Contact our Sales Team to find out how we can help improve the sound quality of your drive-in.




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Ultimate stereo generation

In typical stereo encoders, overshoots in the program material result in over-modulation in the stereo generation process. With the continued proliferation of audio delivered digitally using satellites or the internet, overshoots are common place, especially when bit reduction codecs are used – which typically can change the waveform amplitude by up to 3dB or more. Tightly controlled audio levels are no longer peak controlled by the time they eminate out at the FM transmitter end of the digital link – which means unless the transmitter or stereo generator has some way of handling the overshoots, over-modulation will occur, resulting in the need to reduce peak levels with the resulting loss of loudness and signal to noise.

Advanced stereo generation for digital delivered audio

Some stereo generators have brute force clippers on the inputs of the generator to deal with this, often audibly, generating clipping distortion, or audible ducking of the audio. Other generators may use composite clippers, with the resulting ‘mush’ that infects the spectral purity of the broadcast.

6 Digital Signal Procesing chips inside the DSPmpX provide unprecedented peak control and reference grade stereo generation. With typically over 70dB of stereo separation and very tight linear phase 15Khz brickwall filtering, your radio stations composite signal will be exceptionally clean, both in terms of audio quality, and in spectral content, ensuring you do not cause interference, or increase levels of multi-path.

Inaudible amplitude and bandwidth control

The DSPmpX borrows techniques from the $10,000 flagship broadcast audio processors and integrates the following into an extremely simple to setup product.

  • Reference grade stereo generator
  • Composite clipper
  • Pilot protection filter
  • SCA / RDS filter
  • Linear phase overshoot compensated brickwall 15 Khz filters.
  • Distortion controlled audio clipping and limiting system

In front of the stereo generation system is a highly advanced DSP audio subsystem with the sole job of preventing the stereo encoder from being over-driven (unless you turn up the composite clipper control). This system contains an overshoot compensated distortion control clipping system with dynamic limiting feedback mechanism. In layman’s terms, this translates to an extremely low distortion gain control mechanism that is free from pumping and ducking. The carefully tuned system kicks a fast limiter into play when there is excessive amounts of audible distortion being generated by over-driving the clippers. The result is a system that is audibly transparent for typical overshoot levels generated by digital links. When the system is over-driven the system will do it’s best to reduce audible distortion, while switching off all dynamic limiting and clipping otherwise.

The combination of program dependent limiting and clipping, overshoot control, stereo generation, composite clipping and filtering provides an extremely effective tool to radio stations who may want to feed a network of transmitters over satellite, or maybe just a community radio broadcaster who wants to process audio at the studio and use audio over IP to send their audio to a remote hill top transmitter site.

Oh….. One last thing – the DSPmpX has a built in silence detector that can switch between its analogue or digital (AES / EBU) audio inputs or vice versa. Perfect if your internet or satellite feed fails where you can play audio from back up device  - keeping you on the air.

Want more info? Click here



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Another first for BW Broadcast; this year we will be show casing our products in Brazil. Continuing to expand our presence in the South American Market, we are working with key partners in the region to bring the BW Broadcast technology to a whole new host of broadcast and audio professionals.

One of our newly appointed dealers; Planeta Do Radio, have organised their own event Engetec 2014. With support from technical and radio professionals and engineers, they are able to host this event at the Hotel Boulevard in the City of Londrina, PR from 21st – 23rd November.

ENGETEC PDR is an initiative with the objective of bringing professionals in Brazil information on installation, operation and maintenance of broadcasting equipment and they will be highlighting BW Broadcast products.

Planeta Do Radio will be show casing our range of processors, most noticeably the Ariane Sequel Audio Leveler, which has proved very popular with increased sales over the last couple of months.

The Ariane Audio Leveler is like no other audio processor in the world. It is the cost effective and easy way to breath new life into your existing processor by tightly controlling audio levels whilst not affecting the tonality of the source. It can be used for pre-processing Radio or TV Program Audio to get more controlled but open On-Air signal and is perfect for recording, nightclubs, PA Systems, production and broadcast studios and studio-transmitter links. It also works really well as a leveler for webcasting, streaming and IBOC to create a more even and listenable sound.

If you would like to attend the event or would like more information on this or anything else relating to BW Broadcast then get in touch today or contact your local dealer for help.



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AfriCast 2014

We are happy to announce that BW Broadcast will be represented at Africast 2014 by our developing dealer DM Broadcast. The event is being held in the Sheraton Abuja Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria between 21st-23rd October.

This year is the 10th edition of the Afro-centric biennial conference of Africa Broadcasters.  Introduced by the National Broadcasting Commission; the broadcast regulator in Nigeria, Africast is the new gateway to Africa’s Broadcast Market. It is a conference platform on which broadcast issues as they relate to Africa are thrashed out every 2 years by professionals, academics and policy makers. It is also a mini market for manufacturers of broadcast equipment and content who are targeting the emerging African market.

At the exhibition we will have the DSPXtra-FM Audio Processor and the award winning RBRX1 FM Receiver. Both of these products have been doing well in the African markets because of their extensive list of features and benefits that are complemented by their great price.

We will be showcasing these products to hundreds of buyers, meeting new customers, develop personal and direct relationships with our customers as well as providing hands-on exposure and live demonstrations of our products.

Register Here

Be part of this huge event that connects providers, distributors, and marketers of broadcast content and equipment and register today!



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More Awards for Encore!

As the dust settles on another IBC, the hangovers have cleared and it’s back to business. We had a really successful show, picking up more awards for our Encore Range of products.

Neal Helly, Sales Representative for BW Broadcast had this to say: “IBC was a great opportunity to meet so many of our customers and Broadcasting friends within Europe and even some from further afield this year. It was also the first time our new Encore Range has been exhibited in Europe and the reaction was tremendous. Not only did the range win two awards, it was evident from our customers reaction that these products were going to take their stations to the next level! In summary, IBC was a great show for all concerned with BW Broadcast this year and we are already looking forward to returning to Amsterdam again next year!”


The Vertus Encore, a ground-breaking ‘single box’ translator, (which already won best of show at NAB earlier this year) won another best of show at Amsterdam.


The Vertus Encore AM/FM translator combines the ground breaking features from our Encore transmitter range with the world’s BEST re-broadcast receiver. No one else can offer a solution for translator sites that can rival Vertus’ sound quality, reliability and ease of use – all in one economical box!

Pulls in distant stations and re-broadcasts them with amazing clarity!

  • Use it to translate AM to FM as well as FM to FM.
  • Save money, this ‘one box solution’ includes integrated processing, RDS & telemetry.
  • Reduce stress, simplifying your broadcast chain and end compatibility problems.
  • DSP processing AM to FM rebroadcast for unprecedented AM sound enhancement.
  • Designed for the translator market with all the features you’ll ever need.
  • Quick-change parts make onsite maintenance a breeze!
  • Diagnostic logging, emails alerts & audio back-up give you total peace of mind.



The Encore Transmitter was also awarded ‘Best of Show’. Building on the incredibly popular award winning V2 range of transmitters BW Broadcast have added even more features to make it the most reliable transmitter on the market.

Our New Encore FM Transmitters integrate the vital elements you need to build a successful radio station. Integrated audio processing, RDS and telemetry ensure you will sound fantastic, save money on additional equipment and have less stress managing equipment and no compatibility issues. Set-up is so simple and intuitive, the OLED screen tells you everything you need to know – you’ll be on the air 5 minutes after taking it out of the box! Available from 5 to 3000 watts.

 Ensure you stay on air.

Now you can change parts and avert disaster without breaking a sweat!

No nasty surprises.

You’ll be so ‘well informed’ an issue will never become a problem.

  • Telemetry system compatible
  • Advanced diagnostic logging
  • Remote control app – make vital adjustments from anywhere.

Your ‘one box’ broadcast solution – Encore saves you money, rack space & hassle!


Find out where you can see live demonstrations of BW Broadcast products at our next exhibition.

or contact your Local Dealer for demos and best prices!

You can also contact our Sales Team directly.






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Expotec Peru 2014

For the first time ever, BW Broadcast will be represented at the International Technological Exhibition of Radio and Television in Peru. We are being represented by Lily Massari, who is the Latin American Sale Representative for our US master distributor, SCMS Inc.

The exhibition will take place on 10th and 11th October at the Technological University of Peru.

The purpose of this exhibition is to promote the knowledge of new technologies in equipment for radio, television, cable TV and telecommunications domestic and imported. To circulate new trends and technological innovation in broadcasting as well as develop workshops and hold training sessions on the use and management of new technologies.

Attendees at this exhibition will include owners, managers, executives and engineers of radio and telecommunications throughout Peru.

We will have our DSPXtra processor on display- With six-band limiter, an integrated Ariane RMS leveler and look-ahead final limiting. The dual processing paths makes the DSPXtra-FM two processors in one (Analogue and Digital). It also has Front Panel LED audio metering and front panel USB interface to aid setup and operation. Our processor range comes in different ranges to suit any budget and can accommodate the FM, AM and HD market.

If you are going to be attending the show or would like more information on us or any of our products, then get in touch here.



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$300k invested in ATE

We have spent well in excess of $300,000 developing our revolutionary ATE (Automated Test System) so far, and the investment in quality control looks set to continue. It can test a whole multitude of RF and
 audio products and log the results to a central database that supports production batch analysis and easy recall of a certain units test results, enabling a higher level of production control and support for our customers.

Our products are tested to the max, so our customer’s patience isn’t! 

Managing Director Scott Incz had this to say: “It’s been two years in the making, and it has been a long and winding road to get to this point, but i’m so pleased to have  identical twin ‘virtual’ employees who are more accurate than their human colleagues. They work long hours, never take lunch and they remember every test they’ve ever carried out! It would take a highly trained test engineer several hours to do what these systems can do in 15 minutes, and that’s probably to do half the tests without logging all the test results. It really is a pleasure to watch them at work and see all of the equipment being full automated as part of the computer controlled test routines. I’m looking forward to adding a third system later this year to boost our capabilities further.”

Production manager Ricardo Da Silva added: “Prior to installing our new ATE systems, we spent hours checking every piece of equipment and inevitably mistakes would occur. These identical ATE systems have made a huge difference to our productivity and the quality of the product that we ship.

ATE hard at work.



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10 YR Warranty for Encore

All the movers and shakers in the broadcast industry descend on Amsterdam once again for IBC (International Broadcast Convention). Hardened veterans throw further acronyms like; DAM, AMS, CAU and NO.4 around like no one’s business, in the build up to this international (European) trade show.

500 Euro a night ‘last minute’ hotel rooms are common place when IBC comes to town, so don’t leave it too late or you’ll find a bed for the night, harder to come by than an outside table in one of Rembrantplein’s many popular ‘people watching’ cafés! Worst case, you can rent a bed for 30 minutes at a time in the De Wallen area – just east of the main DAM Square.

BW Broadcast has been exhibiting at IBC for a decade now and we are always excited to meet many of our European customers face to face. This year is monumental because we get to show off the future of BW Broadcast with the European debut of our ‘Encore platform’ and products. On show will be multiple new Encore products, including transmitters, translators, processors and receivers. Several of these products won ‘Best of Show Awards’ at NAB in Las Vegas.

A first for IBC, is the news of MPX over AES on all Encore products. MPX over AES eliminates degradation of the composite FM signal by keeping it digital all the way through the chain. The MPX over AES feature will be available on all FM transmitters, Receivers, RDS encoders, Stereo Generators, audio over IP and audio processors.

Another 1st in our industry… All Encore products will come with a ‘no strings’ 10 year warranty. Yes, you read that right – 10 years.

Unlike other manufacturers, this 10 year warranty is not linked to an expensive yearly service plan, you won’t need to have the product connected to the internet or have the product installed by a engineer who has visited our factory and left with a clip art certificate to hang on their wall. It really is what it is – a 10 year warranty.

Of course, ‘acts of god’ and ‘beer spills’ are not covered, but this is as close to a ‘peace of mind’ free lunch as you are ever going to get!

CEO Scott Incz had this to say on it: “Although the accountants are not happy, and eyebrows are raised in the office – this huge step of offering a 10 year no strings warranty underpins our strategy of putting the customer first. With our renowned customer service, customers already know that buying BW Broadcast is a safe bet, but with other manufacturers starting to offer three and five year warranties, the time is right with the release of Encore to raise the bar and put our money where our mouth is.”

Of course, we will be demonstrating our ‘Award Winning’ V2 transmitters and DSPX audio processors. On display will also be a new product, a re-broadcast version of our popular TX300 V2. With an internal re-broadcast tuner, the TX300 V2 is a single box translator and re-broadcast solution that is a fraction of the cost of the traditional 2-box system.

So make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to drop by and see what’s new at BW Broadcast, Hall 8, stand E74 (the usual spot!)



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IBC 2014

BW Broadcast will be attending the International Broadcasters Convention in Amsterdam. The show will be held at the RAI Exhibition Centre between 12th and 16th September. We will be on stand E74 in Hall 8. With this show being one of Europe’s largest broadcasting conventions we will be joined by many of our distributors from around Europe and the rest of the world.

At IBC, visitors can expect to learn about the developments which are shaping the broadcasting industry, interact with the latest technology, experience first class demonstrations and do business in a professional and supportive environment. IBC is the event not to be missed for everyone involved in the world of content creation, management and delivery.

This year saw the release of the NEW Encore range of BW Broadcast products. We will be revealing them to the European market for the first time at the International Broadcasters Convention. We will be exhibiting the new Ariane Encorethe Award Winning Vertus AM/FM Translator, the Encore FM Transmitters and the DOUBLE Award Winning RBRX Encore.

Make sure you aren’t going to miss out on the hottest new releases by registering for the show. Registration is FREE with our Customer Code 11752.

Register Here


If you would like some information on any of our products before the show or would like to arrange a meeting with one of the team then contact us or your local dealer for more.



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