InterBee 2012 - Tokyo, Japan

Earlier this month, BW Broadcast in association with our Japanese Partner, Excel Inc., exhibited at InterBee 2012 in Tokyo, Japan.  On show was the RBRX1 FM/Japanese band receiver  DSPXmini, DSPX and DSPXtra Audio processors. InterBee took place from the 14th to 16th of November at Makuhari Messe, Chiba under the sponsorship of JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association), and supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) and the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan(JBA). This year a record number of exhibitors took part in the exhibition which is geared for the Audio, Video and communications sectors. The 48th InterBee saw Excel Inc show the RBRX1 to the Japanese market for the first time with its exciting new ability to receive on the Japanese band. This software selectable option was design specifically for the Japanese band at the request of Excel Inc. The flexibility of the RBRX1 is thanks to its comprehensive software infrastructure meaning that should a customer have something they would like the unit to do, our R&D team will most likely be able to make it happen! Already got an RBRX1 and have an idea how a new function would help you? Why not get in touch with us and see if we can make it happen! Special thanks to Mr. Togashi and his team at Excel Inc. for representing BW Broadcast at InterBee 2012.



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Shuffle up!

Streamlining of production, integration of automated testing procedures and a desire to slice lead times has meant that the store rooms at BW Broadcast HQ have had to be shuffled around to make room for more stock!

We aim to have at least 10 of each product in stock at all times and with our Audio processors, FM Transmitters, RDS Encoders, FM Amplifiers and FM Receivers, that equals multiple shelving sets to accommodate the stock levels. The good news is that two and a half years ago when BW Broadcast moved into its custom built facility, contingency was made to ensure we had ample space to expand!

So if your FM Station is off the air and you need a reliable replacement now, chances are you can get it overnight from BW Broadcast. If your processor has let you down and you need the same and often better audio quality, then look no further than the DSPX range from BW Broadcast.

So why not get in touch with your local dealer today and request a product from the most innovative company in the industry.

We go the extra mile, so your Station stands out on the dial. Call now and find out how to take your station to the next level.



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Happy Birthday BBC Radio

When the first BBC transmitter, known as 2LO, crackled into life on November 14th 1922 few could have guessed the impact that radio would have on our world. A few thousand enthusiasts, listening by headphones to primitive crystal radio sets, heard a news bulletin read by Arthur Burrows, the director of programmes of the newly formed British Broadcasting Company (as it was known then).

To mark the 90th anniversary the BBC is going to bring together over 55 stations, for a single remarkable moment – a three minute piece of history broadcast simultaneously around the UK and the world at 5.33pm, this will be the first simultaneous broadcast since 1922.

The broadcast ‘2LO Calling’ was composed by Blur front man Damon Albarn and is a snapshot of the airwaves featuring iconic sounds such as Bertrand Russell in Morse code and the first ever radio broadcast.

Simon Mayo will be helping to celebrate by presenting his drive time show starting at 5PM on BBC Radio 2 from the Science Museum, which houses a display featuring part of the original 2LO transmitter.

Radio Reunited is just one of a series of on-air events to mark 90 years of BBC Radio, which will also feature a wide range of special programming across BBC stations. You can find out more by going to the BBC website.

So what does radio mean to you and what is your best broadcasting moment?

Marilyn Monroe, when talking about a calendar shoot, said: “It’s not true I had nothing on; I had the radio on,” she made an accidentally brilliant observation about the hugeness of the medium. It’s available everywhere, all the time, unseen and often overlooked. Sometimes it’s wallpaper. Sometimes it’s the most important thing in the room. It does everything any other medium does, only better – and you don’t have to stop ironing to enjoy it…



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Certificate of Excellence

Dealer Training from BW Broadcast is the latest addition to our commitment to providing a level of service that is re-setting the bar to an all new high. What more would you expect from a company that offers a two year warranty and 24/7 support?

At BW Broadcast, we understand the importance of reliability, efficiency and quality of service. We understand this because this is what we expect from each other and this creates a fundamental undertone within the organisation. An undertone which goes into everything we do.

With tens of thousands of products around the world, working in some of the most challenging locations, BW Broadcast equipment has a reputation for being robust, reliable and industry leading. This wide distribution is thanks in no small part to the international network of partners who provide local support and information to a wealth of different communities, cultures and applications.

To maximise the quality of service you receive, BW Broadcast actively encourages its dealers to undertake factory training, allowing us to share our knowledge and provide unparalleled support.

Add this to our 24 hour support line and you can see our commitment to giving you the best service in addition to innovative, reliable products, and all of course for the great value you expect from BW Broadcast.

Doug Tharp, pictured above, recently completed his training in London and received his Certificate of Excellence from Dave. The training involves a brief introduction to the build procedure, the identification of key components and set up instructions, a detailed look at our automated testing procedure with emphasis on the extreme lengths that we go to to ensure the products meet and surpass all international requirements and a run through of the set up and operation of all the products in our portfolio. Once the training is complete, engineers, designers and test staff are all on hand to answer any questions.

Interested in our training options? Why not get in touch and see if you too can benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience that is available from BW Broadcast HQ.

Why not contact your local BW Broadcast dealer today and start using equipment that comes with a level of quality that you will love and a level of service you could really get used to!



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