Don't get a fright...

Tis’ the season to be scary…

BW Broadcast cares about our products, and cares about our customers. ¬†With ghosts and ghouls around the corner we don’t want you to have a fright, and so a lot of development time goes into making sure our equipment is reliable and remains in service for as long as possible.

This includes maximising efficiency to reduce unwanted heat, meticulously designing cooling systems to remove what we cannot prevent, and ensuring power supplies are easy to replace in the case of mains power spikes.

We are so committed to this cause that we have an extended warranty period on all BW Broadcast products of 2 years. As you look around the website from the range of FM Transmitters to Audio Processors, RDS Encoders to the latest FM Receivers you can purchase a BW Broadcast product with peace of mind.

This haloweed you’ll have to get your frights another way, here’s some great inspiration to get you started!



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