Broadcasters Clinic 2012

Its Monday evening in a small town called Middleton, just outside of Madison, Wisconsin and engineers, owners, designers, sales people, manufacturers and organisers are converging on the Marriott Hotel, home to the Broadcasters Clinic.

Ahead is three days of discussions and presentations on the things that matter today and what effect we can expect from the future of Radio and Television.

The shows appeal is quite simply down to its organisation. The attendees, who attend in great numbers and with exuberance, are treated to talks from well known faces in the industry, demonstrations and representatives from all the industries leading companies and a seemingly endless supply of food!

All three days saw great attendance at both the conference and the booths, with people coming from not just Wisconsin but all over to share knowledge, learn from industry experts and see what is coming next and how they can utilise new technology.

In cooperation with SCMS our US stocking distributor, BW Broadcast were in attendance and on hand to offer support, advice and information on some exciting new projects coming from BW Broadcast HQ, so be sure to watch this space over the next few months.

Located near two beautiful lakes surrounding Madison, the conference organisers do a great job at allowing everyone in attendance time to discuss at length if they so wish, products and key factors from the industry. Those who visited the BW Broadcast and SCMS booth were informed of the new features in our FM Transmitter line, with in-built audio processing and AES/EBU inputs, and a popular topic of discussion was the award winning RBRX1 which since its launch two years ago has redefined what can be achieved at a re-broadcast site.

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Do be sure to keep an eye on all things BW Broadcast as these are exciting times and our R&D team is in full swing!




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Don't get a fright...

Tis’ the season to be scary…

BW Broadcast cares about our products, and cares about our customers.  With ghosts and ghouls around the corner we don’t want you to have a fright, and so a lot of development time goes into making sure our equipment is reliable and remains in service for as long as possible.

This includes maximising efficiency to reduce unwanted heat, meticulously designing cooling systems to remove what we cannot prevent, and ensuring power supplies are easy to replace in the case of mains power spikes.

We are so committed to this cause that we have an extended warranty period on all BW Broadcast products of 2 years. As you look around the website from the range of FM Transmitters to Audio Processors, RDS Encoders to the latest FM Receivers you can purchase a BW Broadcast product with peace of mind.

This haloweed you’ll have to get your frights another way, here’s some great inspiration to get you started!



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Broadcast India 2012

BW Broadcast will be exhibiting at Broadcast India 2012 on booth F-630 represented by Setron India.  The exhibition runs from the 10th-12th October at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.

Setron India Private Limited was incorporated in 1994 and provides complete end-to-end solutions to the Broadcast Industry, Pro-Audio and Video industry. Setron India is one of the leading Importers / Distributors of Broadcast & Pro-Audio equipment and has opened the first Pro-Audio showroom in Lajpat Nagar-II, New Delhi, the very heart of Business Centre of New Delhi. This showroom showcases a wide range of Pro-Audio and related equipment.

Register for Broadcast India Here.

For more information please contact Setron India:

Block O-14 , Lajpat Nagar-II, New Delhi – 110 024
Phone No: +91-11-29841761 / 1762 / 46540317
Fax No: +91-11-46529100
Business Development: +91-98186 82274
E-mail: ,

Flat No. 102/28-A, Sunrise Building, Apna Ghar CHS Ltd.
Lokandwala Main Market
Andheri (West), Mumbai – 400 053
Phone No: +91-22-2637 1638
Fax No: +91-22-2636 7421
Mobile: +91-98204 28814 , +91-9867328814
E-mail: ,



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Exciters, how to choose?

Remember Vinyl and tapes? Then along came CDs – and the majority agree that was a big leap forward in audio quality. Then came MP3s and we were sold on how digital progression could give us less for more. Same great sound but in less bits, so we could get more on our computer or download faster. It wasn’t long before people realised that although MP3 offered data reduction improvements with its obvious benefits like music streaming, there was a penalty in audio quality.

In the broadcast industry, an advance to digital technology has opened up many a passionate debate. DAB was promoted as the future 20 years ago, but it’s poor coding technology and the desire to squeeze more stations in the same amount of digital bandwidth has seen a reduction in quality for the listener compared to analog FM. The same debate rages for IBOC/HD and other new broadcast systems.

The perception that digital is better has recently crossed into the analog FM transmitter industry. Although the authors of this article and the author of the referenced white paper acknowledge that a correctly designed direct to channel digital synthesis of the FM carrier dramatically improves the audio and RF performance of the FM signal, we look to highlight, like MP3,  that just because a transmitter generates it’s signal digitally (DDS) it doesn’t always make it perform better.

The picture above illustrates a clean  FM transmitter as shown in the report below.

The attached white paper was written as a study of the noise performance of Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) and analog FM broadcast transmitters, comparing performance when un-modulated, modulated with single frequencies and modulated with audio. The tests are carried out on three transmitters, two implementing DDS: a PTEK FM150ES and a Zhongchuan Digita  ZHC618F-100W, and one analog: a BW Broadcast TX150. Although the commonly held belief is that DDS provides considerably greater performance compared to analog  transmitters, the white paper demonstrates that this is not the case for the devices tested.

The tests show that for the two DDS devices chosen, the RF spectral output of the transmitters does not conform to the ETSI EN 302 018-2 european harmonised standard for FM broadcast transmitters, making them unsuitable for use in many countries. In some cases they may also become dangerous to use as they cause interference in bands reserved for aircraft automatic landing and communications systems. Throughout all of the tests, the analog BW Broadcast TX150 conforms fully to the standard. The results are plotted as frequency spectra given with 1MHz bandwidth to see spurious signals close to the carrier, and at 50MHz to see signals further from the carrier.

The picture above illustrates two different transmitters with the same modulation.

One is digital and marketed as state of the art, while one is analog and may be considered older technology. Which is which? Click the report link below to see if you guessed right.

Comparison of Exciter Methods – BW Broadcast Whitepaper





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