Defeat Delay with DSPXmini

Our NEW monitoring processor has a latency of only 4ms! Specifically designed to process monitoring feeds, your station’s talent can now have loud processed headphone audio without complaining about echos.

Modern digital FM audio processing has allowed stations to sound louder and cleaner than ever before, but with one big sacrifice – delay.

Whilst your listeners don’t notice your talent certainly does when trying to monitor on-air. No presenter or guest likes having to listen to a flat unprocessed feed, and finding an old analogue FM processor can be expensive and unreliable.

The answer is a low delay processor designed specifically for this purpose. Thanks to pre/de-emphasis and FM style clipping your talent gets the loud processed signal they are used to but an ultra-low delay of 4ms means no complaints of an echo in their headphones.

As with all BW Broadcast processors, the DSPXmini-ST has a real-time clock for scheduling, preset A/B switching, graphic LCD display, serial and TCP/IP remote control,and both analogue and AES/EBU digital inputs.

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