Olympic Torch Passes

In the run up to the Olympics the whole of the UK is excited and ready for the third time London has hosted the games.  Running from 27 July to 12 August 2012, and 29 August to 9 September for the Paralympic Games London is buzzing as 205 nations come together to take part.

10,500 athletes join 10.8 million ticket holders in one of the greatest events in the world.  With 302 gold medals up for grabs, we are set for some amazing viewing of the worlds best athletes as 21,000 media and broadcasters capture history.

Today BW Broadcast came close to the action as the Olympic Torch past the headquarters in Croydon, just outside London.  The torch has made a 8,000 mile journey around the UK before lighting
the Cauldron at the Opening Ceremony in the Olympic Stadium, marking the official start of the Games.

Josh Holding the Olympic Torch

Dean Parsons who has raised nearly £10,000 for the Children’s Trust Tadworth was the torchbearer as the Olympic flame passed BW Broadcast Headquarters. He is thoroughly enjoying his stint, dancing along Croydon Road and waving madly.

A couple of the BW Broadcast team including Josh Hall, one of our hard working assemblers, had the chance to have their photo taken with the torch. Josh has been working hard to keep up with recent transmitter orders. Josh Hall said “It was a great experience to be able to hold the Olympic Flame and see it come right past us, the atmosphere was electric and you could feel how excited everyone was about the Games”.

You can read more about how broadcasters are getting ready for the Games at Radio World.



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Defeat Delay with DSPXmini

Our NEW monitoring processor has a latency of only 4ms! Specifically designed to process monitoring feeds, your station’s talent can now have loud processed headphone audio without complaining about echos.

Modern digital FM audio processing has allowed stations to sound louder and cleaner than ever before, but with one big sacrifice – delay.

Whilst your listeners don’t notice your talent certainly does when trying to monitor on-air. No presenter or guest likes having to listen to a flat unprocessed feed, and finding an old analogue FM processor can be expensive and unreliable.

The answer is a low delay processor designed specifically for this purpose. Thanks to pre/de-emphasis and FM style clipping your talent gets the loud processed signal they are used to but an ultra-low delay of 4ms means no complaints of an echo in their headphones.

As with all BW Broadcast processors, the DSPXmini-ST has a real-time clock for scheduling, preset A/B switching, graphic LCD display, serial and TCP/IP remote control,and both analogue and AES/EBU digital inputs.

Read more on the radioworld.com.



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Champions boosted by TX5

Austrian Bundesliga and Austrian cup winners 2011/2012 use TX5 to share their success! 

REDBULL Salzburg, the Austrian double winning football side for the 2011/2012 season are utilising the power of a BW Broadcast TX5 to broadcast live commentary, post and pre match analysis and fan discussions on 87.5FM. Also in the chain is a BW Broadcast RDS2+ encoder.

Bought by the Red Bull Company in 2005, the club previously known as SV Austria Salzburg with a history dating back to 1933 has a decorated history in Austrian football. With a 31,000 capacity stadium, ‘Die Bullen’ (The Bulls – a nickname since 2005) have won the top prize seven times since 1993.

The commentators

2011/2012 Champions

For their commentary team, they needed an easy to use and reliable low power transmitter that is efficient and robust. Michael Kastelic whose company Datamatix is the official BW Broadcast dealer in Austria and also well versed in providing equipment for sport, recommended the TX5 from BW Broadcast.

The lightweight TX5 is ideally suited for micro power radio stations, cable TV FM modulators, real estate advertising, drive in movie theatres, lab testing and much more thanks to its integrated single box design encompassing the amplifier, exciter and now multi band audio processing as well as digital and analogue in/outputs. Put simply, this is the best 5 watt transmitter available on the plant and at a price you will love.

All BW Broadcast FM transmitters are loaded with features, such as a configurable compressor/limiter and front-panel LCD control interface. Underlying architecture includes a unique dual-loop Virtual VFO exciter, ultra-low distortion modulator and high performance stereo encoder integrated into a great performing, highly stable FM transmission system. Developed for global use, the TX5 is frequency agile and complies with all applicable CE, FCC and EU regulations.

The Virtual VFO dual loop PLL system allows perfect audio flatness to below 10 Hz. AFC bounce and modulator overshoot are things of the past. Low bass can be achieved without distortion and overshoots, yet with greater stereo separation.

The TX5′s limiter and stereo encoder can be switched in and out of circuit. The TX5 can be adjusted anywhere from 100 mW to 5 watts. The rear panel contains XLR balanced inputs with input level controls, BNC for multiplex output from the internal digital stereo generator, BNC for multiplex input to the exciter for loop through operation and external processor input. RF output is via an N-Type socket.

Contact your local dealer now and see for yourself how good the TX5 really is, after all, the champions wouldn’t stand for anything less than the best.

2011/2012 Champions

FC Red Bull Salzburg (c/o Steindy) 1
REDBULL Salzburg – TX5 – 87.5 MHz – RDS2+



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