How to ensure you choose the best transmitter for your LPFM station.

As a smaller broadcaster, usually on a tight budget, making the wrong decision about what transmitter to buy could mean your LPFM station fails before it's even got off the ground.

BW broadcast has been designing, manufacturing and supporting low power transmitters for over 15 years and has been supplying and supporting stations like yours in the US for some time now. With over 15,000 transmitters sold in 33 different countries, Low Power FM is not new to us. It's not just community radio stations, drive in movie
stations, drive in movie theatres and sports stadiums that regularly pick BW broadcast for their FM transmission equipment, the US military employ hundreds of our 300 Watt FM transmitters around the world - the same as the one that we hope you'll be choosing to get you and keep you on the air.

There are an abundance of FM transmitters out there, and you probably know already that you can only use an FCC certified model for LPFM In the US. This is a good thing because it ensures that you can only use high quality
equipment. However, it limits your options to half a dozen or so models from various manufacturers. Many of the high power transmitter manufacturers are making cut down models for LPFM, some with optional extra features at a cost, but the pricing may give your bank manager a heart attack.

BW Broadcast manufacture transmitters for LPFM, so our transmitters are designed for your application, with the features that you need, as standard, priced for the LPFM market.

How can the TX300 V2 ensure LPFM success?

It's a 300W FM stereo transmitter obviously - but it's much more. It's a fully integrated LPFM broadcast solution - DESIGNED FOR YOU!

It has analog and digital audio inputs, to allow you to connect it up to ANY studio equipment, but with the flexibility of having baseband / MPX inputs and outputs should you wish to add an RDS encoder for station name display or an expensive but 'competition killing' sounding audio processor at a later date.

Check out BW Broadcast RDS Encoders here

Check out BW Broadcast Audio Processors here

On the subject of processing, it's got a DSPXmini-FM (Second edition) from BW Broadcast built inside the transmitter. This 4 band FM digital audio signal processor retails at $1600 normally. YOU GET THE TECHNOLOGY FOR FREE WITH A V2 TRANSMITTER. 15 Factory presets get you sounding great out of the box and you certainly will make an impact in your market with the sound that the transmitter delivers.

It has a slide in 'US brand' power supply with a spare power supply bay that can be used to provide a redundant power supply option if you wanted to fit one. We are the only LPFM transmitter manufacturer who offers slide in power supplies. Slide in power supplies significantly reduce the time and effort it takes to get BACK ON AIR should your power company's supply SURGE or you get hit by a lightning strike.

The TX300 V2's web remote control provides for ease of monitoring and with configurable email alerts, you'll never not know if there is a problem with your transmission. RS232 and SNMP give your technical guys legacy and modern communication protocols to keep them happy.

The TX300 V2's configurable alarms and triggers allow a multitude of interfacing possibilities to other manufacturers' products. The TX300 V2's connections future proof your investment.

  • FCC Certified
  • Design specifically for LPFM
    - all the features you'll actually use.
  • All featues come as standard
    - no pricey optional extras.
  • Easy to install - be on air within minutes of taking it out of the box.
  • Built-in audio processor worth $1600
    - sound great straight out of the box and save money.
  • Slide in power supplies, reduces, time, cost and effort to get back on air should your transmitter suffer from a lightning strike or power surge.
  • Remote control allows you to monitor and control your transmitter from anywhere.
  • Analog and digital audio inputs mean you can connect to any studio equipment - no incompatibility problems.
  • 2 year warranty with an additional year when purchased through SCMS - gives complete peace of mind.
  • 24/7 Technical support and quality customer care - if you run into difficulties you won't be alone.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • Totally configurably with FREE software updates - your transmitter is future proofed.

Why do I need 300 watts if I have a 100 watt licensed LPFM station?

If you want to broadcast the best signal possible for your listeners (greater coverage) you'll probably want to use what is called a circular polarized antenna to enable you to broadcast in both horizontal and vertical planes. Without getting too technical, this helps listeners receive your broadcast better no matter where they are, including in their cars and homes. You can't always control which way your listeners position their antennas so it's always best to pick the right antenna to maximise performance for ALL of your listeners

When you want to connect an FM transmitter to a circular polarised, you'll need to provide the antenna with double the RF power in order to get the same power broadcasted horizontally and vertically. The cables that connect the transmitter to the antenna will have losses (lose you RF power), so if you are serious about how well your signal broadcasts, and you really want to run at your full licensed power, you'll need to be looking at a transmitter that can deliver at least 250 watts - no problem with the TX300 V2 from BW broadcast.
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All BW broadcast products are sold in the US by SCMS in North Carolina. With 35 years of experience, there isn't another company better placed to look after ALL of your LPFM equipment needs than SCMS. If you need them to, they'll assist you with studios, remotes, play out systems and much more.
TX300 V2 is only available from SCMS, so call us today and order yours.