DSPXmini encore AM, FM & HD Audio Processor


The DSPXmini Encore is an audio processor for the 21st century. Selectable as either an FM, AM, DAB, HD-radio or webstream processor, it quite simply makes your station’s audio great to listen to!

With its flexible hardware and firmware, you can select between optimized processing for FM, AM, and digital radio, including internet radio streams, DAB and HD radio.

  • snmp feature
  • ultra feature
  • rds feature
  • planb feature
  • html5 feature

In Detail

A 4-band AGC corrects and equalises input levels, the 4-band limiter section tightly controls your peak levels, while the distortion-cancelling clippers give your audio that loudness and punch you need.

For FM, there’s a stereo encoder and RDS generator, for AM – a transmitter EQ section, while for digital broadcasting the look-ahead limiter gives you the cleanest, most consistent level anywhere.Add in the Encore range’s standard facilities – Plan B audio backup, full remote control and monitoring, and you have an entry-level product that punches well above its weight!

The Encore range of products is stylish, well-built and easy to use. They have OLED and LED displays, and a rotary encoder with LED ring – that coupled with the most intuitive user interface you’ll find, means setup and use are simple and easy. To really get a feel of the countless features of this unit, please download the data-sheet, or better yet, request a demo from your local dealer.

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